Juana Viale dazzled with a maritime look and starry air

Juana Viale dazzled with a maritime look and starry air Credit: Instagram

Once again, Juana Viale was encouraged to challenge the traditional and set trends by wearing a fun dress inspired by the sea and stars. Facing the summer, the driver of The Night of Mirtha joyfully paraded a model of Gino Bogani made especially for her.

“Good evening! Hello, hello, hello … How are you all?” He said as soon as he entered the studio moving to the rhythm of the music. “If we don’t dance today, we never dance boys,” he added with a laugh before presenting the outfit chosen for the night. “Look what I am, I am the star of Bogani, said and done. This lookete is spectacular. “

Juana wore a short black dress and matching hat, pieces that had a very special detail. “It is a doppione dress with a handmade starfish, armed and embroidered all by hand. I do not know if they realized it, but in the hat there is also another,” he explained. “Obviously later at the table I’m going to take off my hat.”

As always, the actress accompanied the outfit with matching jewelry. “I have rose gold and coral earrings, by Jean Pierre, and gold, sapphire, rose and diamond bracelet bracelets. Also a ring pump to the tone,” he said while showing every detail. “And to finish a new makeup that Mauricio Catarain made me, in a circular shape that stretches the eye in all directions.”

Laughing, Juana encouraged women to pay attention to the accessories she was wearing and ask for them as a gift this weekend. “For Mother’s Day women. Ask, ask, ask …”.

While the quarantine lasts, Viale will continue to lead the programs traditionally run by her grandmother. In each broadcast, she takes a long time to show her chosen look because, as she repeated on several occasions, it is Mirtha’s favorite moment.

Since spring has arrived, fun and avant-garde colors and designs have been repeated every weekend. A few days ago the actress entered the studio wearing a short cocoon-shaped dress in yellow. Suddenly, she stretched her arms and the fabric fell, unfolding a long skirt, which had small flowers in the hem. “We bloomed,” she announced as she circled around to show off Gino Bogani’s design.

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