Judicial storm in the sea of ​​Jusapol


The Jusapol (Police Salary Justice) association began its crusade for salary equalization for police and civil guards, almost in an epic way, like Jason and the Argonauts in search of the golden lamb guarded by a dragon and two bulls, throwing a “Ordago” salary to the Ministry of the Interior.

But, as his battle has progressed, his “Particular heroism” turned into “interested villainism”, moving away from its “media objectives” marked on the agenda of specific politicians, to crouch in its union comfort zone subscribed to its affiliate organization rooted in Jupol (Police Justice).

The true heroes of this journey are the national police, agents considered to be an elite body, the best Police in the world. This statement is not a cliché. It is a fact recognized by other foreign police forces and intelligence services of other countries.

History gives place to heroes and villains. This is the epilogue of Jusapol. Justice has broken the arrogance of its union Jupol in Court 47 of Madrid.

The magistrate, Ana María Ruíz-Burgos, has condemned, charging the costs to this union -through an affiliate-, for wanting to transfer a question of fundamental rights as a smokescreen, to try to validate in this court that the unions, in this case, UFP (Federal Police Union), retaliate against their former members for unsubscribing and abandon them in court proceedings.

And this fact is absolutely false.

The UFP lawyer made the correct dismissal of a contentious-administrative process of the aforementioned former affiliate, and although Jupol’s lawyer, Antonio VazquezHe was able to continue this process by granting him permission if he had taken it, he did not do so, but he did decide to raise a question of fundamental rights, without this cause. Vázquez creates this case tailored to Jupol, not to his affiliate from UFP, and there, he involves the former president of Jusapol in the oral trial, Natan Espinosa.

His strategy was to convince the judge with a string of “union theaters” recited by Espinosa, but his honor clearly unmasked the play, and decreed the null violation of fundamental rights.

In other words, neither Jusapol nor Jupol got a sentence to go against the rest of the unions with the “gossip” of union abandonment for causing dismissal, but they were scalded, without achieving their financial claim in this 10,000-euro dispute.

Moreover, one of the most surprising details of the trial is a document in which Espinosa, On behalf of Jusapol, he rebukes UFP requesting compensation for this affiliate, when the justice later denies this economic transaction.

But the questions to be asked are: Does Jusapol charge affiliates for these efforts? Is there a percentage for the Jusapolera leadership or distribution of negotiations with Jupol?

The reality is that the lawyer Vázquez acts on behalf of these two organizations, with which, everything remains at home.

And the internal control and transparency of the accounts on these issues? Some former affiliates dropped out claiming that “Jupol did not show them the accounts.”

The journey continues. The UFP union has obtained a historic judicial victory in the Supreme Court in July 2020. The Contentious-Administrative Chamber, in appeal 2616/2019, has ratified the claim of this police organization on “the right of officials who provide rotating services to receive the amount of the corresponding compensation during the month of annual leave.”

This judicial mandate, which is worth its weight in gold, since it is for the benefit of all policemen, means that the Ministry of the Interior has to pay 12 million euros, ipso facto.

It is true that SUP (Unified Police Union) achieved an individual sentence in the Supreme Court in 2019 in this regard. But the aforementioned sentence, harvested by the UFP legal team, is a universal judicial order that puts Interior in check if it does not pay.

UFP would go to a forced execution in the event that the police officers request this charge individually, something that Jupol advertises, without recognizing the legal effort of the other colleagues. A shame

Jusapol spends resources going to constitutional Court claiming the validity of its ILP (Popular Legislative Initiative) for salary equalization, when that text has been vetoed by the Congress of Deputies, it has no legislative path, and it is an authentic impudence without explanation of reasons that exalts the Forces and Corps State Security. Also, to date, Jusapol has not published the invoices that it has allegedly been able to present to the Chamber regarding the subsidy of 340,000 euros from this ILP.

For this reason, from our radio space, “Rear Window” we have requested an investigation before Congress and the Senate.

On the other hand, the jusapoleros have missed the train of equal pay. Interior imminently completes the payment of the third tranche of the agreement of 807 million euros signed by unions and representative police associations.

There are already lists of police officers equated with the “Mossos d’Esquadra”. Jusapol loses its arguments.

Let’s go back to the greatness of the National Police, apart from other outrages that I relate below.

The maximum effort of the Spanish police in their constant work, especially against economic corruption, such as the Central Unit for Economic and Fiscal Crime (UDEF), is relevant, because sometimes, it is compromised by actions of the “youtuber” from Jupol, Alejandro León, damaging the image of the Police, which leads to disciplinary proceedings against this union member.

I mean, the file with very serious offense that León faces a five-month suspension of functions, a proposal that will go through the Police Council on October 29.

The serious reason for sanctioning this union representative from Jupol is the incompatibility with the production and dissemination of his videos on his YouTube channel, called “Minutes of Glory.”

That is to say, Disciplinary Regime of the Police has revealed that León obtains income from its platform in different ways, without requesting compatibility or reducing its attributions to comply with the regulations on compatibility,

It is outrageous. On the one hand, citizens have the impeccable reference of the UDEF police investigating economic crimes, unraveling serious cases of corruption, and on the other side of the mirror, we look at the channel of youtuber León, to which Jupol pays the files, -so that he does not pull the union’s blanket-, cheating with his economic income.

Regrettable. The worst thing is that you are not penalized for content on his platform where he opines “by dubbing himself” on something as serious as Gender Violence in an insufferable stupid and undocumented parody.

Is no one in the General Directorate of Police (DGP) going to sanction this video on such sensitive issues as sexist violence?

From “Rear Window” we are going to take action in this regard. Our radio space has successfully denounced León on various occasions before Interior, as the DGP has opened disciplinary proceedings against this youtuber from Jupol whenever we have required investigations.

Likewise, we initiated actions on León’s statements on the youtuber channel, Joan Planas, regarding an alleged “Quota of police arrests”. Fact that the unions consulted deny.

Likewise, we have underpinned the general secretary of Jupol, Chema García, for a complaint before the Interior for his lack of compatibility to act as sole administrator of his company, “Excavaciones y Asfaltos Avilés, SL”, dedicated to public works paid for by socialist municipalities of Asturias, Yes, then it will ask for equalization at the door of the PSOE.

Another union theater in Jupol. The uncertainty that exists among the police is, if the DGP, “will dare to cut off the head of the head of Jupol”, -being the majority union of the Police-, exposing itself to the insults of the related union trolls on Twitter.

All, pending the DGP and its decision

The end of this journey is marked by a third judicial resolution of Court 46 of Madrid, which files another “cockiness” of Jupol denouncing the Interior for influence peddling and prevarication. Pathetic.

A Jupoliano, who sold in the elections to the Council that “the assignment of embassies should be transparent and pointed to other unions or colleagues for requesting embassies …”.

It turns out that when this Jupol affiliate is denied an embassy, ​​he goes to court to denounce the award to other colleagues, and Judge José María Escribano sees it clearly and cuts off this “union theater”.

The auction for Jupol has been sentenced by Provincial Court of Madrid, dismissing the “prevalimiento” or attack on the freedom of the official, ratifying the management of the Department of the International Commission or Head of the Police Training Division, and the initial file of the Court 46.

Case settled.

Therefore, the Argonauts of Jusapol, rather, have been trapped in the labyrinth of the minotaur, entangled in their own Barataria island as Don Quixote would say, battling against imaginary windmills.

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