Judocas will seek a place in Tokyo in events to be held in Turkey, Argentina, France and Hungary.

It is important to note that Peruvian judo has achieved a sustained rise thanks to a work plan that the Peruvian Judo Federation has developed with the support of the IPD, this resulted in the impeccable organization of the Juniors Pan American Cup and the Lima 2020 Pan American Open. , two tournaments lived in Lima and 21 medals won by the national delegation.

The national judokas continue training to achieve the desired classification, the possibilities are even intact and there are still international events in which the Peruvian participation could complete the necessary points to be part of the Olympic event.

Alonso Wong, from the Athlete Support Program (PAD) and the Vamos con Tokio 2020 Program is in box 37 with 1484 points in the -73 kilos category to date, which places him with the continental quota to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics.

Yuta Galarreta in the -90 category has the 40th position with 1346 points, like Juan Postigos who is also in the dispute to achieve the necessary score for the classification, he is in the 42nd position with 1265 points in the category – 66.

Our national judoka, Yuliana Bolívar is also among the main athletes who are looking for a place in the next Olympic Games in Tokyo, currently she is ranked 47th with 580 points in the category +78.

On February 18, the Peruvian participation in the Tel Aviv Grand Slam 2021 is scheduled to take place in Israel, at the beginning of March there will be two tournaments, Tashkent Grand Slam 2021 in Uzbekistan and the Pan American Open of Santiago 2021 in the country brother from Chile. Likewise, on March 13, the much-announced Pan American Open in Lima will be held, where the venue will be enforced. Before the end of the month, Argentina will host one more Open within the continent and from 26 to 28 the Tbilisi Grand Slam 2021 will take place in Georgia.

In the month of April the competitions will begin in Turkey with the Antalya Gran Slam 2021 and on the 18th they will travel to the Argentine province of Córdoba to participate in the 2021 Senior Pan American Championship and closing with the latest international events is the Paris Grand Slam of the May 8 and 9, and the Senior World Championships in Budapest, Hungary.

The consolidation of Peruvian judo in America is also evident at the institutional level, the organized work of the Peruvian Judo Federation, led by Carlos Zegarra who left the post to María Martínez.

The IPD will allocate between 5 to 6 million soles that will be used for athletes classified for the Olympic Games and those who are on their way to do so.

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