In less than 60 days, the most complex electoral day in the history of the INE and the country will begin. That civic Sunday, most of us will wake up with the extraordinary and passionate obligation to make the most important political decision of our lives and perhaps of this entire generation: to speak for the chamber of deputies and the country we want by drawing on the ballot the idea of ​​the future of democracy that we embrace.

As we cross the emblem of our predilection, we voters will do so knowing that we are actually expressing our political, economic and social (and even historical) anxieties and enthusiasm. Indeed, in the polling place, Mexican women and men will exercise consecrated rights such as the right to vote, be voted, associate for political purposes, meet to deliberate on the state of the nation and, of course, the free expression of ideas.

Given what happened during the course of the pandemic, I believe that this June 6, we must demand from ourselves and from candidates, respect for the right to democratic governance, good public administration, or a competent government, as proposed by Jason Brennan. in an extraordinary book: “Against Democracy”, which we have already commented on in these pages.

As a companion to this fundamental right for the government to function and function well, that is, on time and within a framework of public integrity and dignified treatment for everyone, that electoral Sunday that is rapidly approaching we will see and feel a general (planetary) requirement for the respect, promotion and defense of the right to a competent electorate.

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What is a competent electorate? He is the one who does not make mistakes such as Brexit in the United Kingdom, No in Colombia, the one that brought Chávez to the Presidency in Venezuela or Trump in the United States. It is the one who rejects, condemns and sanctions within the law and on the ballot, political violence in all its manifestations, especially against women; as well as negligence and ineffectiveness in all its expressions.

It is capable of identifying political corruption, social populism and financial neoliberalism, denouncing them and punishing them with the instruments that every modern constitution guarantees: free decision at the ballot box and citizen activism that encourages a clear-minded vote, a project for the future. and sense of republic.

If the electors and electorates get alert on Sunday, June 6 and vote freely, as the best omens announce, can we be that competent electorate that the country, our sons and daughters, and society itself need? We have the mandate to try, but also the unfading right to achieve it, for the good of Mexico, our democracy and future generations, who will not forgive us if we are wrong.

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