Juntaex – Communication – Fernández Vara defends that the Extremadura Energy and Climate Plan will provide an adequate and global response

11:04 Thursday 19 Nov 2020
Presidency Energy

The president of the Extremadura Board, Guillermo Fernández Vara, defended this Thursday that the Extremadura Energy and Climate Plan, which is currently being outlined and negotiated with the social agents, will give an adequate and global response.

In response to a question from the United for Extremadura parliamentary group, he affirmed that the installation of photovoltaic panels in different parts of the region helps municipalities to have income to be able to adequately meet the needs of families and thus generate employment .

Fernández Vara recalled that there are companies in Extremadura that manufacture the turrets or transformers that are installed in these parks, with 300 workers from these Extremadura companies.

He has indicated that the ecological transition is a European initiative and an opportunity “like we never had” and that it would be halfway there if there were only photovoltaic plants, so what is being worked for “that there is not only that type of plants”.

The president stressed that the creation of an Energy Storage Center in Cáceres will be carried out to create “an energy industry of the XXI century” around photovoltaic plants.

“To think that this is a process based on having solar farms or photovoltaic parks, is only seeing a tiny part of the project and the project is much more global,” he concluded.


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