Beer o'clock starts at 4pm today at Leeds-based North Brewing Co's tap room where it wants to be launching a sour beer that pushes the boundaries of taste, flavor and color.

Forget your hoity-toity cloudy lemon ales from Holland; this one's a manly bright pink and made in yorkshire.

Eolroyd & Sons within the notorious "Rhubarb Triangle". The Vegan Sorbet Sour is brewed with organic raspberry puree and forced. It is the result of an arguably unholy alliance between North Brewing Co. and another Leeds-based hipster company, Northern Bloc, which describes itself as "ice cream alchemists".

The brewer said he had previously enjoyed quite a bit of success with his big Triple Fruited Gose berry, which was introduced in March last year. As the name suggests, this contains three times the amount of fruit you might find in other fruited sour berries. Tasters refer to the mouthfeel as akin to that of a smoothie.

This year, the company started looking for lactose-free alternative for thickening their fruited sour berries and hit on the idea of ​​approaching Northern Bloc, a specialist in making vegan ice cream and sorbet. The Vegan Sorbet Sour is based on Northern Bloc's rhubarb and raspberry ice cream.

Do not argue about the name.

Brewing's in-house Brewery Tap venue, the new bright pink smoothie will be released on Monday, available on tap and in 440ml cans. It's easy-drinking 4.8 per cent and here at Reg Towers we wonder if it counts as one of your five-a-day.

Health drink or not, we rely on readers to tell us what color it is, your, he, you know. ®