Justice for Latifa in the United Arab Emirates

The health and safety of Latifa Bint Mohammed are uncertain. After it became known that the daughter of the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (WATER) was hostage to her own father, the international spotlight turned to see her to ask about her whereabouts Y stability.

Through a video Published by the Panorama program, of the BBC of England, Latifa is seen cornered between two walls, a place in which, according to her own account, was a bathroom in which she was locked.

“I am in a house, I am a hostage and this house has become a prison. All the windows are closed with bars, I can’t open any. There are five cops outside and two more inside (…) I don’t know when I will be released and what my conditions will be when that happens ”, explained the 35-year-old woman.

Upon hearing this statement, one of the first voices that appeared was that of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human rights, ensuring that it will elicit these disclosures with UAE.

On the other hand, the UK Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, shared that people wanted to see that Latifa was okay, alive.

“People only on a human level want to see that she is alive and well. Of course, that is a natural instinct and we would certainly appreciate it, “said Raab, with the intention that the emir Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum show your daughter’s stability.

Likewise, Prime Minister Boris Johnson emphasized that this is a worrying issue that the UN Commission on Human Rights will be in charge of to study and see what follows.

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According to Dora Isabel González Ayala, an internationalist for the FES Acatlán, this matter could be said to have already left its place, since perhaps having been a internal problem, has already become a bilateral issue in the case of UK, and of global question with the intervention of the United Nations.

Latifa’s most recent video was released three years after the young woman was detained after trying to leave her country and escape from her family through a boat owned by one of her friends.

Other escape attempt He had already carried it out in 2002, when he was 16 years old. However, as had happened with one of her older sisters, after stopping her intention, she was confined in her country for three years.

Latifa Bint Mohammed shared a video assuring that she did not know the date on which she would be released

A corrupted image

After the first escape attempt and detention of his daughter Latifa in 2002, Prime Minister Al Maktoum did not really have repressions against him or accusations that would end his social position.

However, after the separation, escape, and demands of his last ex-wife, the princess Haya Bint Al HuseinAs well as Latifa’s latest videos, this can wreak havoc on her image, on the illusion of one of the wealthiest characters in the world and a friend of the British royal family.

“Something surprising is how a person like the prime minister, being someone who for a long time built a great role of United Arab Emirates free, with great wealth and tourist contributions, due to carelessness or a series of bad decisions on internal issues and not knowing how to deal with them, that ends up greatly affecting their image ”, highlights the academic.

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Similarly, one problem you might have is dealing with the good relationship you were already having with UK, because in addition to selling racehorses to the British government, he had been seen very well connected with the queen Isabel II.

Given this, the teacher Norma Soto Castañeda, an internationalist from La Salle University, assures that the role of the British administration has been clear in the sense of demonstrating for the emir’s daughter, but also very cautious, due to the investments you have with them.

Thus, the specialist admits that the best way to calm the international scene is for the prime minister to disclose the evidence that his daughter is well, stable, and wait for the actions they decide to take in United Nations to try to free Latifa.

“This will diminish the emir’s ability to influence, unless he makes more prudent decisions that at least leave him in a more respectable point,” says González Ayala.

#Free Latifa

Following Latifa’s arrest in 2018, Tiina Jauhiainen, one of her friends, along with other legal representatives, launched the #FreeLatifa campaign, through which they demand that the emir’s daughter be free from to travel to the country of her choice, free from torture, abuse, and can relate to anyone and lawyers of her choice.

“Furthermore, we demand this right from all UAE women (…) personal rights, in particular the rights of women, they will continue to be trampled if Latifa is not released, ”reads the campaign page.

They also have a petition on change.org. As soon as the 35 thousand signatures arrive, they hope to take the proposal to the respective governments and the international community to demand the release of the princess mohammed.

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