Juventus played another bad game, but a moment of brilliance by Paulo Dybala was enough to score three points and keep the Bianconeri at the top of the table.

Juventus Player Ratings

Szczesny: From a difficult angle, made a good save to deny Piatek before another good stop was made after a shot by Hernandez from a distance … and then Piatek was again denied. Lost count of how often he kept Milan out in the second and was easily the man of the game. 8.0 / 10

Juan Cuadrado: His control and attacking intentions were excellent in the first 45, to the point where he was one of the few players to emerge with credit. Started where he stopped in the second to be one of the few bright sparks in the night. 6.5 / 10

Leonardo Bonucci: Everything under control with some intelligent positioning and interceptions on the back. Six clearances, three out of four won antennas and a solid overall performance. 6.0/ 10

Matthijs De Ligt: He looked confident and scored an important catch early on – giving the ball a good shot from the back and being good in the second round too, covering well and making some important head clearances. 6.5/ 10

Alex Sandro: Made it to move forward to overlap, but was pushed back a little more when Suso was widely shunted out. Two dribbles and three interceptions end the night as one of the better Juve players. 6.0 / 10


Miralem Pjanic: A really sad opening half with some misplaced balls and bad decisions overall. Looked a little better the second, but could not dictate as well as he usually does. 6.0 / 10

Blaise Matuidi: Once again, every crucial control was lacking, when it really mattered and struggled to add anything remarkable to the game. 5.0 / 10

Rodrigo Bentancur: The first 45 minutes were mixed and occasionally seemed a bit lost. He was unable to substantiate his authority in the game, but managed five tackles. Looked a little brighter as the game ended and played a great ball that Higuain should have done better. 6.0 / 10

Federico Bernardeschi: A good moment does not offset the poor performance in the first half, when he did not achieve any notable results. Duly replaced and in the form in which he is currently, he does not deserve to start. 4.0 / 10


Cristiano Ronaldo: Apart from a spare effort, he looked out of the tempo again and could not really handle the game. Was rightly substituted and maybe a break is just what he needs to recover and, above all, to recover from his injury. 5.0 / 10

Gonzalo Higuain: Two half chances in the first half, which he should have done better, but his work rate was exceptional. Combine it again with a teammate to score the deciding goal when it really matters, and play the template for Dybalas winner. 7.0 / 10


Paulo Dybala: Once again, his introduction proved decisive, as his movement caused problems with Milan and his brilliant teamwork with Higuain opened the scoring. Excellent. 7.5 / 10

Douglas Costa: His pace and his ability to run and beat his man make him one of the few players in the team to always pose a threat – as shown again tonight. 6.5 / 10

Adrien Rabiot: Came up for Matuidi and offered Juve something more. 6.0 / 10


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