Mauro Icardi is still waiting for a move to Juventus, although the interest of Napoli and Roma is growing, according to Gazzetta dello Sport.

The striker has finally decided to leave Inter after realizing that it would hurt him more than the club to stay on the sideline for an entire season.

Maurito's entourage has started to listen more closely to the offerings of Naples and Roma, but they also make it clear that they are waiting for a change of Bianconeri.

"The Icardis are convinced that Juventus will call at some point, but the difficulty encountered by Fabio Paratici in unloading players may give Mauro doubts," the newspaper reported this morning.

"That's why Wanda has asked Nara Napoli and Roma for even longer, hoping that it will become clearer next week."

Both clubs hope that Icardi changes his mind, but nobody can afford to wait too long.

Icardi will need time to stay up to date as he has missed much of Inter's pre-season training, but Napoli and Roma both have big games against Juventus and Lazio in Week 2 of Serie A.

Edin Dzeko hopes that Icardi will select Roma and enable him to complete part of the barter deal with Inter.

The Bosnian is disappointed that he can not complete a transfer that he thought was imminent more than a month ago.