Alessandro del Piero and Ronaldo in the 90s derby d & # 39; Italia
Juventus against Inter Milan
Date: Friday, November 7th Time: 19:30 GMT
Cover: Live text commentary on the BBC Sport website

Fifteen seconds of action on April 26, 1998 determined the conspiracy and resentment that accompanied the Derby d'Italia over the next 20 years.

In the 69th minute at the Stadio delle Alpi that day, Juventus, Serie A leader, beat Inter Milan 1-0, just one point behind, in a possible title decision.

Inter, who had struggled without much to see goal, sniffed suddenly.

A push from Ivan Zamorano, a brief clash of black and white-clad defenders, and the ball breaks in the way of Inter's spearhead Ronaldo. The Brazilian pushes the ball into space, but before he can fly, he is hit by a shoulder charge from defender Mark Iuliano.

All eyes turn to referee Piero Ceccarini, but he waves at playing. With a track of inter-midfield players following the officer and their gesturing manager Luigi Simoni being led out of the field, Juventus breaks the field.

Edgar Davids sweeps the ball to Zinedine Zidane. Zidane tickles the ball in the way of a charging Alessandro del Piero. Inter-defender Taribo West chases back angrily. Del Piero hits the ground.

This time whistle referee Ceccarini a free kick.

The protests were long and loud that day. And since then they have not really stopped.

Inter Milan fans celebrate the various defeats of the Juventus European Cup before a meeting last season

When the Calciopoli Match Fixing scandal broke out in 2006, many inter fans felt that their suspicion of Juventus's treatment by officials was right.

Juventus has been relegated to Serie B and deprived of the past two championship titles due to the cocky relationship with the referee chief. When Inter Milan was awarded one of Juventus' crowns, the resentment between the two was further aggravated.

"Over the last 20 years, it has become one of the most bitter and venomous rivalries imaginable," said Italian football expert James Horncastle on BBC Radio 5's Football Daily European Show.

"Legendary sportsman Gianni Brera was named Derby d & # 39; Italia in the 1960s because at that time the two teams had won Scudetto the most.

"Over time, the name has become more generally accepted."

Gonzalo Higuain celebrates one last win over Inter Milan last season when Juventus won the seventh title in a row

The rivalry has suffered an imbalance in recent years. Juventus have won seven consecutive titles, while Inter came in only twice in the top four.

However, since the Chinese retail giant Suning acquired a majority stake in Inter in 2016, it has come to an unlikely alliance with the goal of restoring Series A to the glory days of the 1990s, when world stars were here.

"While this rivalry exists in the stands and when the whistle goes, these two clubs are very closely related on the field," said Horncastle.

"They see themselves as the future of Serie A and make the league more relevant again.

"Both have young ambitious executives, and Juventus president Andrea Agnelli, 43, has been instrumental in her rise over the last decade.

"Meanwhile, Steven Zhang was appointed at the age of only 26 (as inter-president).

"It's no coincidence that former Juve boss Beppe Marotta, who was considered architect last year for some of his great transfers and helped build his new training ground and new offices, is taking the same position at Inter.