Release date: June 12, 2019

If anything in Montreal deserves a penalty, then Daniel Ricciardo's block against Valtteri Bottas, 1997 World Champion Jacques Villeneuve.

Formula One caused controversy at the Canadian Grand Prix when the stewards hit Sebastian Vettel with a five-second penalty that cost him victory.

The Ferrari driver was penalized for an insecure return to the track after mowing the grass at Turn 4 and returning to the track just ahead of Lewis Hamilton, forcing him close to the wall.

JV says that this was not dirty.

In his opinion, the stewards should have considered Ricciardo's defense maneuvers when the Renault rider tried to leave Bottas behind at the start of the race.

"I was not surprised by Vettel's penalty because it's often the opposite of what happens," Villeneuve told Autosport.

"Ricciardo deserves a penalty because he rode in a straight line and he did not get one, as was often the case.

"It's bad for the F1 anyway.

"It ruined the race because it was a bad call, not because" It should have been another winner. "

"If Vettel had done anything filthy or bad as Ricciardo did on the straights, that would have deserved a penalty, and that would have been fine, though it would have been another Lewis win.

"That's not the problem, it's not like it could have been a Ferrari victory, you can not take that into account."

The Canadians added that the stewards must take care when passing penalties.

He explained, "There should be a difference between being intentional and going through a bend and returning sideways to the track.

"And most of all, because the driver behind it knows what's going on." Lewis knew where Vettel was going.

"[Vettel] could have come more aggressively over the track, and he did not.

"It's not about letting them run because 'let them run' means people are doing dirty, stupid things.

"You should never intentionally do something that compels another driver to back off or endanger him – that's one thing.

"But you drive over a chicane and give as much gas as you can, even if it could endanger other drivers, because the guys behind know, 'This guy is in the grass, he'll probably come sideways. Chances are I'll be crushed … OK, I'll go inside. & # 39; "

He came to the conclusion: "Lewis has done the right thing, he has managed to impose a penalty on Vettel. He can do that very well! "

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