RUTLAND, MASS. ( – A Massachusetts state police K9 has found a teenage boy who crashed after being bundled up in a rut on an officer's cruiser early Thursday morning in a rut in Rutland.

Soldiers who responded to the intersection of Pleasantdale Road and Main Street learned at 2:40 am that a young driver had escaped from the scene of the accident after nearly being hit in a ruthless police cruiser.

Trooper Kyle Kilimonis & # 39; K9 Affiliate – Boomah – quickly got a smell and tracked him to the back of a house with a fenced goat farm on Main Street.

Boomah and Kilimonis drove past the goats, sped half a mile into the forest and spotted a discarded sweatshirt of fresh blood.

Boomah went on to the backyard of a house on Kenwood Drive, where Kilimonis noticed a shed whose door had been torn open.

The 17-year-old suspect, whose name was not published, was found curled up in a ball on the floor in the shed.

He is accused, inter alia, when he uses an unauthorized motor vehicle, does not stop the police, negligently operates a motor vehicle, leaves the accident site and breaks or gets in.

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