Karina Rivera wears the royal favorite garment that symbolizes power and wealth

Karina Rivera updates her wardrobe with functional and modern garments that adapt to the change in temperatures typical of the shift from summer to autumn. The television host reinforces her closet with key pieces to create looks statement that blend comfort and style with finesse and eloquence.

This was demonstrated with the most recent outfit that he shared in Instagram and confirmed his connection with one of the favorite styles of one of the royals most controversial of recent times: Meghan Markle. A nod to the multifaceted wardrobe of the duchess of sussex who always manages to generate great expectations with their outfits.

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Karina Rivera shines with pleated skirt in the style of Meghan Markle

The child cheerleader gave free rein to her instincts fashionista and opted for a highly recommended combination for temperate climates due to its versatility and freshness. It was a casual look composed of a pleated skirt mint green – a piece with which we have seen Meghan Markle shine so many times – and white sneakers that gave her that urban and chic touch at the same time. In addition, to stay protected from the cold, she used a knitted sweater that mixed shades such as white, black and rosewood.

Pleated skirts stand out for their material that was once reserved only for royals and dates back to the time of the Egyptians. Its natural elasticity produced by the folds gives it an air classy which was previously only exclusive to the monarchy. The duchess of sussex showed that they fit perfectly in formal and informal looks because everything will depend on the accessories and accessories.

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Celebrities like Charlize Theron and Olivia Palermo They also knew how to make this garment one of their main allies by choosing textures such as leather or velvet. For this season of Autumn Winter They can be paired with plush coats, leather jackets, boots, booties, mules or slippers for powerful and multifunctional outfits.

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In this way, Karina Rivera hit the nail on the head with a piece of high rank capable of elevating any look and that transcends all spheres of the industry due to its structured design that promises to arrive with strength this 2021.

On the impact of pleated fabrics on fashion

“The use of pleated fabrics dates back to the time of the Egyptians and their use was exclusive to royalty, a symbol of power and wealth. The laborious process of making the folds by hand made the treatment continue to be associated with the crown and the upper classes for a long time. Elizabeth I of England, for example, wore huge accordion pleated collars, which became a symbol of her times ”, they explain from Vogue about one of the pieces. must have of the royals.

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