Kate Hudson gets a ‘Truth Be Told 2’ from Apple TV Plus

Kate Hudson joins the second season of ‘Truth Be Told’, the drama series starring Oliva Spencer for Apple TV Plus.

Hudson will arrive to play Micah Keith, considered a lifestyle guru and longtime friend of Spencer’s character Poppy Parnell.

The new season will present us with a new case in which the two are deeply linked, so their relationship is put to the test as the episodes progress.

For those who have not yet had the opportunity to see the series, we tell you that the production is practically an anthology, within the same dramatic line as ‘The Sinnerr’ or ‘Trial & Error’, where we meet a central protagonist who, after each season, live a new story with new characters.

‘Truth Be Told 2’ y el coronavirus

‘Truth Be Told 2’ also raises a more current obsession, like that of the United States with podcasts or productions about real crimes. The new episodes will begin filming in Los Angeles on October 26, apparently.

So far they have not revealed a release date for the new episodes, but it is known that Spencer will continue in her leading role, as well as that of executive producer.

Writer and executive producer Tramble Spellman will continue on the project, as will Reese Witherspoon and Lauren Neustadter for Hello Sunshine, Peter Chernin and Jenno Topping for Chernin Entertainment and Mikkel Norgaard.

Likewise, we have to admit that it kills us with curiosity to know how the series will adapt its timeline to the post-pandemic world, especially after the reports that ensured that any series that was not already released and whose episodes will focus on 2020, had what include what we live with the coronavirus.

For their part, Apple TV Plus productions such as ‘The Morning Show’ have already confirmed that they included COVID-19 in their scripts.

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