Kate Middleton’s brother James publishes a rare message about his “wonderful” royal sister

The younger brother of the Duchess of Cambridge published a rare message about her royal sister.

James Middleton went to Instagram to say how proud he was of his older sister Kate for his new parent survey 5 important questions.

The mother of three launched the survey in an attempt to start a national conversation on how to make positive changes for future generations.

It aims to bring together the thoughts of individuals, organizations and businesses – and now James is also encouraging people to participate.

He shared a cute photo of himself as a child with the British bulldog of his grandparents Gibson.

It’s a very sweet photo

The caption reads: “This is not a post about dogs … get ready … BUT it is in enormous support of my wonderful sister’s” Early Years “initiative to ask” 5 big questions out of the five minus “.

“If you have 5 minutes and live in the UK, join the biggest early childhood conversation.

“Like me, even if you don’t have children, your experiences will help you invest in the future of the next generation (link in bio).”

James shared the sweet message on Instagram

The Duchess of Cambridge launched the survey 5 important questions in an attempt to initiate a national conversation on how to bring about positive changes for future generations.

It aims to bring together the thoughts of individuals, organizations and businesses and wants everyone to be involved.

The research was commissioned by the Royal Foundation, which hopes it will “trigger the biggest ever-on-childhood conversation.”

On the project, Kate said, “The first few years are more crucial to future health and happiness than any other moment in our lives.

“I want to listen to key issues affecting our families and communities so I can focus my work on where it is most needed.”

More than 200,000 people have already completed Kate’s survey.

For more information visit https://5bigquestions.org.uk/

James, who owns a marshmallow company, usually uses his famous Instagram page to share photos of his adorable dogs.

In his biography he describes himself as “dog dad of Ella, Zulu, Inka, Luna and Mabel”.

Over 200,000 people have already taken part in Kate’s survey, which she has actively promoted in the past few weeks.

He released his most honest and sincere interview I have ever discussed, speaking in the podcast of Giovanna Fletcher Happy Mum, Happy Baby about her guilt in mom and childbirth.

James and Kate before it became real

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Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

During the chat, she was asked what it would be like to have her first child, Prince George, for the first time.

She replied: “Incredible, surprising. It is extraordinary as I said. How can the human body do it? In reality it is absolutely extraordinary. And it was very sweet.

“And also relieved that he was a happy and healthy boy.”

He also gave a moving description of William’s reaction to becoming a dad.

“Seeing, you know your husband William and things like that. Seeing the pure joy of his face was very special.”


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