A fifth Labor MP is facing the threat of being fired by her local party, he said.

Kate Osamor, Labor MP for Edmonton, is expected to fight to keep her seat after local party members have decided to trigger a new selection process. This is the latest in a series of attempts to dislodge Labor MPs after the changes to party rules made the process easier.

Osamor, who sat in the ghost cabinet until his resignation last year, is left of the party and is a staunch supporter of Jeremy Corbyn. It is unclear why the prosecution was initiated against her, although partisan sources have stated that the discontent of the local population does not allow her to obtain the seat before other candidates.

MEPs are concerned that women are more likely to face threats of deselection. However, the Labor Party refuted these concerns as unsubstantiated, claiming that only a small number of MPs had been the victims of the election call.

Diana Johnson, Member of Parliament for Kingston upon Hull North, and Margaret Hodge, Barking MP, are both challenged by "ballots" from local parties, which means they will have to convince them Deputies, after being challenged by a short list of other candidates.

South Shields MP Emma Lewell-Buck was also pressured by local members, while Louise Ellman, a Jewish MP and Liverpool Riverside, faced calls for resignation. Roger Godsiff, MP for Birmingham Hall Green, is the only man to have faced a battle for deselection until now.

Lewell-Buck said that she was facing pressure because she was not "the elected man".

She added: "Women in politics still have a hard job, but I think there is a culture of misogyny for a long time and that the Central Labor Party has failed to get to the bottom of things in South Shields. "

Some also feared that the right-wing members of the party would be ousted for disloyalty to Corbyn, as a result of the rule changes that facilitated their removal. However, important opponents of Corbyn have already survived the process.

Osamor resigned from Corbyn's shadow cabinet after suggestions that she would mislead the public about her son's conviction for drugs. Last year, he was sentenced to community punishment after being caught with drugs worth £ 2,500 in Bestival, Dorset.