Meghan Markle is basically unrecognizable in one of the new king's most epic "fallback" photos.

A young Duchess of Sussex is featured on a photo of Katharine McPhee, a musical star.

"Meghan and I did musicals together as kids," McPhee wrote on Instagram.

"She grew up as the Duchess of Sussex and I grew up in the West End, the same life if you ask me."

Good in front of her Suits or royal era, Markle, now 37, is shown with strong makeup, red lipstick and thinner eyebrows, with a beaming smile.

It was a dramatic transformation for the pregnant Duchess, who was in London today after an official commitment to the Association of Commonwealth Universities.

Arriving at the University of London, Markle wore a black coat and a pleated dress from Givenchy. Meghan had her hair tied together in a knot – and neutral lips that were far away The red lippy

Meanwhile, sooner smash starMcPhee, 34, is now engaged to the legendary composer David Foster, 69.

Earlier this week, McPhee closed a troll showing the couple's age difference of 35 years.

According to Fox News, McPhee has signed up for Twitter this week to post an update on their upcoming wedding.

"Choosing a bridal shower is like a real MySpace top 8," joked the 34-year-old on Twitter.

While most responses to the star's tweet were positive, one user wrote back, "Except that MySpace lasted longer than this marriage ever gets @ jessicaleighleigh."

The smash The actor wasted no time responding to the commentator, writing: "I assume it took longer than any relationship you've ever had with a hairdresser?"

The exchange was shared by the Instagram account @Commentsbycelebs.

It's hardly the first time that McPhee has had to defend her relationship with the famous music producer.

In July, the star defended her relationship and told the fans that they "had to worry more about registering elections and midterm elections than marrying me."

A few months later, the musical couple expressed their age difference and said they did not care what people say about their age difference.

"For many people it makes no sense, but for us," said McPhee People back then. "He has a lot to learn from me and I have a lot to learn, so I think we have a nice yin and yang.

The couple met for the first time in 2006, when the music master served as a mentor to the then candidate American idol, After the gloryAmerican idolFoster helped produce McPhee's first single.