Villagers have marked the 30th anniversary of the Kegworth in the tragedy.British Midland flight BD92 from London Heathrow to Belfast International crashed on the M1 embankment near East Midlands Airport on January 8 1989.The disaster, which happened just two weeks after 270 people were killed in the Lockerbie bombing in Scotland, has become synonymous with the small Leicestershire village.

Today the small Leicestershire village or Kegworth fell silent to remember the 47 people killed in a plane disaster there 30 years ago. Crash survivor Dessie Clarke is pictured with his daughter Ashley at the memorial at St Andrew's Church today

Floral wreaths were laid out in front of a memorial site in Kegworth, Leicestershire, where a British Midland flight from London Heathrow to Belfast crashed into the M1 embankment near East Midlands Airport on January 8 1989 Today wreaths were laid by families, emergency services, councils and The victim survived Dessie Clarke attended the service in his wheelchair, supported by his daughter Ashley. The disaster left many families without husbands, wives, children and other relatives. Of the 47 killed, 29 were from Northern Ireland. Before the wreath-laying, the names of the victims were a 45-minute church service at St Andrew's Kegworth, followed by a minute's silence. Roundabout 300 people Reverend Lauretta Wilson speak and mourners sing hymns, read prayers and light candles.Some of those who had flown from Northern Ireland to attend the commemorations wiped away tears as people paid their respects.Opening the commemorations, Rev Wilson said: 'Kegworth has never forgotten that fateful night on January 8th 1989.

Disaster: The Belfast-bound Boeing 737 is pictured smashed to pieces after crashing in Kegworth in January 1989

Dignitaries are pictured carrying floral tributes to the Kegworth Memorial

Wreaths were laid by families, emergency services, councils and others at a memorial site in Kegworth today. "Whatever our motivations, it's good to have the honor and honor. The dreadful event shook all of our communities. "The plane, with 126 people on board, had duties off from Heathrow just before 8pm on January 8." Bangs were heard coming from the left-hand engine. the 118 passengers.

Survivors: Dessie Clarke (pictured left being kissed on the head by his daughter Ashley) made it out of the plane disaster alive. Leslie Bloomer (right) also survived the tragedy Captain Kevin Hunt and his co-pilot, David McClelland, shut down the correctly-working right-hand engine, but failed to reach an emergency landing at East Midlands Airport.Instead, the plane, which was on fire and had blazing debris dropping from it, came down on the M1 embankment with the runway at East Midlands Airport only a few hundred yards away.Despite the crash, nobody on the ground was injured and some of the passengers were able to walk away unscathed. 79 people, including the two pilots, survived.

Before the wreath-laying, the names of those who died were a 45-minute church service, led by Reverend Lauretta Wilson, followed by a minute's silence

Around 300 people attended the service, led by Reverend Lauretta Wilson, including members of the 29 Northern Ireland who died on the Heathrow to Belfast flight

A plane passes over the memorial site near St. Andrew's Church, Kegworth, after today's 30th anniversary service there