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Last July we received news about Kill It With Fire, a first-person shooter about hunt spiders and cause collateral damage in the process, giving the user access to a large arsenal of weapons.

Those responsible shared that they were experimenting with a Nintendo Switch version. Unfortunately since then we have not heard from him again.

Well, news comes to us and it is that tinyBuild Games has announced that Kill It With Fire is coming to Nintendo Switch on March 4.

We leave you its premise, some images and its trailer:

The spider – the oldest and deadliest enemy of mankind. As the official Kill It With Fire Killer, you now have the power of revenge! Gather your arsenal and start chasing the eight-legged menace through space, time, and the outskirts of the city … not necessarily in that order.

In order to defeat the fearsome spiders, you must take advantage of their only weakness: FIRE. Well, and the bullets. And the explosions, the throwing stars, the stomps, the spreaders… Almost anything, wow. But don’t think it’s an easy task; You’ll have to find them first! It uses state-of-the-art arachnid tracking technology to locate the enemy among hundreds of potential hiding places. Then, you just have to set it on fire and finish off the spider with a pan. Just in case.

  • Dozens of weapons.
  • Frightening arthropod insects.
  • “Realistic” fire simulation.
  • Chaos and wanton destruction.
  • The terrible truth about spiders.

It should be noted that this title was launched on PC (Steam) on August 13, 2020 and if you are interested in acquiring it, You can now reserve it in the Switch eShop, where it currently has a 20% discount, so it can be purchased for 11,99€ (Its usual price is € 14.99). This promotion will be available until next March 5th.

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