Kim Jon Un vows to bolster his nuclear arsenal

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un promised to strengthen the army, by “strengthening” the nuclear arsenal of his country, in his speech of the closing of the congress of the party in power, reported on Wednesday the official North Korean agency KCNA received in Seoul.

According to analysts, Kim tries to attract the attention of the new American administration, now that your country is more isolated than ever after closing the borders to protect itself from pandemic of the coronavirus.

“By strengthening our nuclear war arsenal, we must do everything possible to build the most powerful military,” he added, according to KCNA.

The leader recently declared that U.S is the main enemy of North Korea, in addition to announcing the acquisition of a nuclear submarine, after a satisfactory planning research that would enter the process of final evaluation.

“The true intention of your policy towards RDCN (Democratic Republic of North Korea) will never change, regardless of who is in power, “he added without mentioning the name of Biden.

North Korea it has concluded, Kim said, its plans to develop a nuclear submarine – which will be a strategic turning point – and enunciated the list of weapons targets, such as supersonic nuclear warheads, military reconnaissance satellites and solid-fuel ICBMs.

The North’s arms programs have accelerated since Kim came to power, including the nuclear bomb most powerful to date and missiles capable of reaching the territory of U.S, although this at the cost of the intensification of international sanctions.

In the October military parade, North Korea showed his new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) gigantic, which would be, according to analysts, the largest in the world powered by liquid fuel that can travel on the road.

Kim and the outgoing US president, Donald Trump, they maintained a tumultuous relationship, initially peppered with mutual insults and threats of war, to move on to a close relationship and declarations of love for him. american president.

However, the nuclear summit held by both leaders in Hanoi in February 2019 ended abruptly with no agreement on sanctions relief and what Pyongyang I’d be willing to compromise in return.

The leadership change in Washington poses a challenge for Pyongyang: Biden has called Kim a “bully” during the presidential debates, whereas for this he is a “mad dog” who must be “beaten to death”.



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