Kim Jong-un arrived in Beijing on his birthday to hold talks with the Chinese leader Xi Jinping prior to a summit with Donald Trump that is expected sometime early this year. Kim, now 36 years old, was transported across the border with an armored train and was met at the north station of the Chinese capital by a motorcade who took him to Xi. The pair, which met three previous occasions, will likely discuss the strategy after North Korean and US officials met in Vietnam, exploring potential locations for a second summit between Trump and Kim. Kim also wants his links to China knock out threatening that North Korea has an & # 39; alternative path & # 39; could opt for diplomatic ties with America if negotiations on the nuclear arsenal of the country fail.

Kim Jong-un arrived on Tuesday by train in Beijing for a summit with Chinese president Xi Jinping to discuss the strategy in the run-up to new talks with Trump

Kim was caught across the border on an armored train before being awaited at the Beijing North Station by a column towing him to meet Xi

Heavy safety lined the railway lines and surrounded the station as Kim – who is known as paranoid about murder – arrived in the country

A limousine with the North Korean leader rides through Beijing Tuesday morning, which is also Kim's birthday. Kim will stay in China for four days, with both parties taking the unusual step of announcing the visit in advance. North Korea usually does not know that Kim is out of the country until the visit is over to reduce the possibility of a coup back home. A new summit between Kim and Trump would herald a remarkable improvement in the relations between the two old enemies, although there are still many differences. No US president had ever met a North Korean leader until Trump and Kim had been in Singapore last year for talks and a close personal report. But despite Trump's insistence on the North Koreans' willingness to abandon their nuclear arsenal, little real progress has been made in the field of disarmament. North Korea put its main core test site in Punggye-ri out of service – amid reports that it had partially collapsed after a powerful explosion – and stopped testing ballistic missiles. Pongyang is now demanding a partial postponement of international sanctions that have paralyzed its economy, but officials in Washington say that there will be no reward until all nuclear weapons have been dismantled.

Kim was accompanied by the visit of wife Ri Sol-ju, pictured here Pyongyang leaves

Kim uses an armored train to travel between his homeland and China, the same one his father used during his diplomatic visits

Policemen and police dogs sniff parked vehicles outside Beijing's North Station for the arrival of Kim Jong-un

A paramilitary policeman guards the guard outside the Beijing train station. At his New Year's address, Kim said that if Washington insisted on his approach, we might be forced to find a new way to defend the sovereignty of the country and the highest interests of the state & # 39; With his visit to China , & # 39; Kim wants to remind the Trump administration that he has diplomatic and economic options besides what Washington and Seoul have to offer & # 39 ;, said Harry Kazianis of the Center for the National Interest in Washington. & # 39; Pretty worried & # 39; are by any attempt by Pyongyang to strengthen ties with Beijing, he added. The journey signals the latest warming of ties between North Korea and China after a dramatic deterioration in relations, causing many observers to speculate that their old alliance was far from over.China is virtually the only international ally of North Korea, accounting for about 90 percent of its trade, and provides a powerful deterrent to US intervention in the area. Tuesday also marks the birthday of the North Korean leader, although it is unclear whether China has planned parties for him or not. Trump strongly urged Chinese support to convince North Korea to abandon its weapons program, suggesting that Beijing could win better conditions in dealing with Washington.

Kim would like to end his ties with Beijing after he threatened an & # 39; alternative path during his new year message. to forge diplomatic ties with America.

North Korea and China took the unusual step of announcing the trip in advance – both sides usually report the visit only when it is ready, to prevent it from causing a coup in North Korea

A motorcycle escort prepares to lead a convoy with the Kim Jong-un from North Korea

Chinese People's Liberation Army soldiers and police stand guard over the train station Kim's arrival in Beijing coincides with US-Chinese trade negotiations in Beijing that attempt to end the trade dispute between the two largest economies in the world before a March deadline. in connection with problems in an interview on Monday with CNBC, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said: "The Chinese have seen us very clearly that these are separate issues. & # 39; Their behavior has shown that and we appreciate that. China has in fact been a good partner in our efforts to reduce the risk to the world by North Korea's nuclear assets. I expect them to continue to do so. Chinese forces played an integral role in the defense of the North during the 1950-53 Korean War, and Beijing remains Pyongyang's main diplomatic support and trade partner. It has always been afraid of the collapse of its neighbor, they threaten the floods of refugees on its territory and the prospect of US troops stationed at the border in a united Korea, but in recent years have become increasingly frustrated by its nuclear antics. That changed last spring, when Kim ended six years as a diplomatic hermit go to Beijing and pay his obeisances to Xi in his first foreign journey as a leader. A series of visits followed in both directions – although Xi still has to meet a trip to Pyongyang – together with three peaks between Kim and the President of the South Jae-in, and Beijing borrowed a plane to travel to Singapore. Keeping in the family: armored train used by North Korea leaders The olive-green North Korean train, decorated with a yellow stripe, which was thrown to the Beijing railway station on Tuesday, was the first character leader Kim Jong Un and his follower had arrived in the Chinese capital. motor and carriages seem similar, possibly identical, to the train that Kim used in March 2018 to travel to Beijing for his first foreign visit. On the same occasion, when the state media of the North waited until his return to announce his trip, the official KCNA press agency said Tuesday that he was aboard his & # 39; private train & # 39; traveled.

Kim's father and pastor Kim Jong Il, who reportedly had a fear of flying, stayed on his own foreign trips, using heavily secured trains for his seven visits to China and three to Russia during his term for 1994- 2011 According to the official North Korean account, Kim Jong Il was in 2011 on a train for a field guidance & # 39; when he died of a heart attack. The Kims reportedly have a number of virtually identical special trains made by a factory in Pyongyang. They are usually made up of two engines and 17 to 21 cars, traveling at no more than 60 kilometers (38 miles) per hour and it is said that they carry armored vehicles and small emergency helicopters. The carriages used by Kim Jong Il – a Macintosh computer on his desk – and his own father and pastor, the founder of the North, Kim Il Sung, are now on display at the Kumsusan Memorial Palace in Pyongyang, where the bodies of both late leaders are capable.

But the current North Korean leader shows no sign of an aversion to the air. Kim flew to Dalian in May and to Beijing in June for his second and third meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Singapore – aboard a borrowed Chinese airliner – for his June summit with US President Donald Trump. He is also known for his domestic journeys, and was even seen at the buttons of an airplane in video footage released by the state media in 2014. "Our dear Supreme Leader always says that it is his deep desire to fly with his soldiers," the presenter says.