Kim Jong Un vows to ‘beef up’ his nuclear arsenal

PIONYANG, NORTH KOREA.- He North Korean leader Kim Jong Un promised to “strengthen” the nuclear arsenal of his country, in his closing speech of the congress of the party in power, reported on Wednesday North Korean official agency KCNA received in Seoul.

“By strengthening our nuclear war arsenal, we must do everything possible to build the most powerful military,” he added, according to KCNA.

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Kim’s remarks, made during a key ruling party congress this week, are believed to seek to increase pressure on the president-elect’s government, Joe Biden, who said that Kim is a “bully” and criticized his peaks with the presidente Donald Trump.

The leader pointed out that he will not use his nuclear weapons first unless they threaten him. In addition, he was open to dialogue if Washington he is willing as well, but stressed that North Korea must continue to strengthen its military and nuclear capabilities to confront growing US hostility.

And he referred to again U.S as the “main enemy” of the hermetic nation.

“Whoever holds the presidency in the United States, their basic nature and hostile politics will never change,” he said.


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