The sixth-grade King & # 39; s Ely students took part of their free time to create a new eco-garden at the Isle of Ely Elementary School.

Thirteen Sixty-Sixties were part of a green-fingered team of King's Ely, who removed a huge area of ​​weeds and prepared the ground for the elementary school students and staff of the Isle of Ely to plant their new garden.

Sixth grade students were accompanied by Chris Youngs and Will Temple, members of the King's Ely Garden and Grounds team. Jane Halls, sixth-grade director at King's Ely; and Celia Etchegoyen, King's Elys Outreach Director.

Annie Hunter, director of education and science outdoors at the Isle of Ely Elementary School, said: "We have recently made great efforts to redesign our environmental garden at the Isle of Ely Elementary School. It had become a bit wild, so it was a big challenge for our little hands to tame it! When we heard from volunteers from King's Ely who wanted to help us, we were pleased that other members of our congregation were also making our school greener. They cleared a huge area of ​​well-established weeds that made room for berry bushes filled tire beds for autumnal crops. Many thanks to the volunteer team of King's Ely, we would be glad if you come back next year and try our berry jams! "

Volunteering was organized under the umbrella of the Cambridgeshire Educational Partnership, which includes both King's Ely and Isle of Ely elementary schools. The partnership was launched in May of this year to bring together principals, education professionals and young people from all over Cambridgeshire.

Its goal is to work together for the mutual benefit of all students in independent and public schools and to provide students from schools within the partnership the opportunity to gain access to a variety of MINTs (Science, Engineering, Engineering and Mathematics). MFL (Modern Foreign Languages), Arts, Sports and Enrichment Activities.

The partnership also aims to create opportunities for collaboration and dissemination of best practice in the teaching community, to develop, support and sustain the best teachers in our schools, as well as to increase aspirations and accelerate the progress of our young people.

To learn more about the Cambridgeshire Educational Partnership, please contact Celia Etchegoyen at

Press release from King's Ely