KVIR-P module from LMF Clima, the equipment purifier using innovative dual wavelength UV lamps

There are many air conditioning installations in existing or planned ducts, whether in schools, hospitals, restaurants, homes, offices … and it is essential to ensure the purification and treatment of the supply air that we breathe. The quality and attention we pay to the air we breathe will lead to greater productivity and efficiency and, of course, better health.

With this premise, the Italian manufacturer LMF Clima, whose equipment is imported and sold exclusively in Spain and Portugal by Lumelco, presents the KVIR-P module that allows the treatment of the supply air of the duct air conditioning equipment, with the purpose of destroying the viral and bacterial load.

It is prepared to be inserted in the air duct in an existing or developing installation. It also allows a fast and efficient disinfection of the air supplied to the installation. The module includes one or more dual wavelength UV lamps, capable of creating negative ion photo plasma, photocatalytic oxidation, and minimizing ozone, in order to eliminate biological contaminants.

The technology it uses is based on the principle of plasma photocatalysis, an innovative process that uses light sources to purify the air, without the addition or emission of chemicals into the atmosphere.

The KVIR-P module uses innovative high intensity dual wavelength UV lamps that generate plasma (gas mixture charged with energy), achieving two effects:

  • Break the molecular chains of carbon present in polluting compounds and eliminate odors.

  • At the same time, hydrogen atoms (generated by the division of humidity in the air) combined with free oxygen atoms, create free radicals ideal for the oxidation of pollutants (odors, viruses, bacteria, fats and other organic substances), and for the disinfection of air and surfaces.

The plasma created acts using 5 different ways and purification technologies:

1. Photo-plasma

2. Photo catalytic oxidation

3. Ultraviolet sterilization

4. Production of negative ions

5. Controlled ozone production

The joint action of all of them makes it possible to attack chemical and biological pollutants, in particular to destroy the cell membrane and the DNA of microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi with an efficiency greater than 99% in less than a minute, and also to break chemical bonds of the most widespread pollutants (eg: nicotine, VOC, ammonia).

Its applications are all types of facilities where there may be a duct air conditioning system: schools, offices, hotels, hospitals, homes, etc.

For greater efficiency, an F7 filter with nano technology treatment can be inserted.

Virus: Kills 99.99% of all virus particles after 30 seconds and 99.999% after two hours, according to ISO 18184.

Bacteria: It deactivates 99.9999% of all bacteria after 2 hours, according to ISO 20743. This means that only 1 bacteria in every 1,000,000 did not leak and was deactivated on contact with the polymer coating.

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