Kylian Mbappe advised to prioritize the transfer of Liverpool between PSG files and the issuance of the contract

Kylian Mbappe was advised to prioritize moving to Liverpool this summer from Arsenal legend Ian Wright.

Although they are unlikely to pursue a move for Mbappe due to its high cost, Mbappe has been on Liverpool’s radar for a number of years, according to the Independent.

In recent months he has been provisionally connected to the Reds with the growing talk of a Paris Saint-Germain exit, which only intensified when he was involved in a row of touchlines with manager Thomas Tuchel over the weekend.

This happens at a time when PSG is attempting to tie Mbappe to a new contract at the Parc des Princes – only for the French public who continue to resist to renew its agreement.

Therefore, there are still growing claims that he may consider his next move, with Real Madrid listed as his most likely destination.

However, former English striker Wright believes he should consider Liverpool his best option and pursue an Anfield pass.

Kylian Mbappe was urged to prioritize the move to Liverpool

“Look Mbappe looking over the road. You can probably see him stumble here, ”the former Arsenal man told BBC Radio 5 Live on Monday evening.

“I would probably like to go to Liverpool[ahead of City] right now. Any player in the world with Liverpool, especially this season …

“This took four years in which [Klopp] it’s time so you have to say that Liverpool is starting now.

Mbappe clashed with PSG manager Thomas Tuchel on Saturday

“So if you are a world class player you probably want to get there now because it seems to me, as we saw with Pep, where he had two years of incredible football, but I feel that Liverpool is really getting ready to build something special.

“If I’m Mbappe, I’ll probably watch Liverpool. Where else do you want to go, if you’re Mbappe now?

“I know people say well in Barcelona … I think you have something to do [who he replaces in the Liverpool team] once you come across. Liverpool fans won’t turn their backs on Mbappe, will they? It’s the next big thing.

“Liverpool fans don’t think they’ll turn their backs on it. It’s almost like the Real Madrid Galacticos team when they were building.

“Think” Oh my god where is she going? “- they took them and they just let them in. Mbappe fits man everywhere.”


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