La Cantina: The New Macs and the M1 Chip

This bohemian geek friday night, the Cantina Meristation opened its doors to talk about the new Mac and the Chip M1 presented this week.

Carlos Fernandez de Lara and Sergio López shared with us their impressions of what the creation of this new SoC (system on a chip), the direct repercussions it may have on users, the industry and what we can expect within the ecosystem of Apple.

  • MacBook Air
  • MacBook Pro
  • Y MacBook Mini

They will be the first teams to receive this CPU that among its main characteristics has the integration of memoria Ram on the same piece of silicon.

The audience as usual had you participation in the chats of Facebook, Twitch Y Youtube with real-time input and questions about these new laptops with the new processor.

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