La Jornada – Oaxacan activist alert about the sale of fake Covid-19 vaccines

Mexico City. Derived from the profit opportunity that crime detected with the arrival of vaccines against Covid-19, the activist César Mateos called on Oaxacans not to fall into the deception of acquiring fake vaccines.

Let us not despair. I emphasize that Oaxacans are very careful not to resort to false calls from crime to buy supposed vaccines. The doses endorsed by the Federal Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) are reaching health centers through official mechanisms, ”said Mateos.

“It is just a matter of having patience to receive the vaccine. Everyone will have access to it for free as instructed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador ”, he explained.

“He (president) made it very clear and has said it many times: health is a human right and therefore the vaccine against Covid-19 is free and universal,” he commented.

The social activist, originally from Oaxaca, mentioned that in the world there are 142 countries that still do not have the vaccine, so “fortunately, Mexico already has it.”

In this regard, he asked to respect the National Vaccination Plan issued by the Federal Ministry of Health, which is currently focused on vaccinating older adults.

“I understand the right of any citizen of 30 or 40 years to be vaccinated, but given the circumstances that the pandemic has caused, we must be in solidarity and wait our turn in the face of the urgent vaccination that a 70-year-old peasant companion with diabetes has, for example ”, Highlighted Mateos.

He called on the population to continue with health measures such as healthy distance, the use of masks and not to organize meetings or attend crowded places.


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