La Jornada – On Monday, vaccination against Covid-19 begins, without interruptions: AMLO

Mexico City. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that “for sure” and without interruptions, on Monday the national anticovid vaccination campaign begins throughout the country. He also referred to the public budget and warned that all governments must deliver it to the population without electoral conditions.

From San Mateo Tlapiltepec, Oaxaca, he confirmed that the details of the biological application plan will be announced tomorrow.

“I want to inform Governor Alejandro Murat and all the people of Oaxaca that, fortunately, next week we will begin the vaccination campaign against Covid, in Oaxaca and throughout the country,” he said in this municipality of Mixtec.

Tomorrow, he specified, we are going to have a conference in the morning, as is done every day in the National Palace, from seven to nine or from seven to eight in the morning and they will report on the plan.

“But it is not only to give the information but to be able to say, for sure, that on Monday vaccination begins throughout the country and it will no longer stop, to protect all our people from the Covid pandemic,” he said.

López Obrador returned to Oaxaca, “the state that I have visited the most” since before he was President, when he resumed his work tours after his two-week isolation, after testing positive for Covid.

This time he went to inaugurate a rural road in this small community, made up of 62 households, which contributed to the work.

He noted that “the only variant, the distinctive” of his government is that preference is given to the people “poorer, marginalized, forgotten, humiliated for centuries in our country.”

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He recalled that now direct recourse is given to the local authority that in this entity of 570 municipalities the uses and customs predominate, democratic authorities, said the president, elected in community assemblies.

That is to say, he explained, construction companies are not the ones that make the road and sometimes bring workers from other places, they do not even hire local labor, and take the profits, but people from the communities, as part of the model of “ development from below ”.

Then he spoke about social supports and was proud that in this community of 62 homes, 120 people benefit from wellness programs: four young apprentices receive minimum wage, there are 13 families with scholarships for their children, students of the basic level and of the two municipal schools, one directly receives the budget for the maintenance of the classrooms.

There are also 34 older adults who receive their pension; at that point he said that in March they will be paid two bimesters in advance “so as not to be providing support during the electoral process.”

The President then said that “when the campaigns begin, support is no longer given, until after the elections are over so that the government’s support is not used for electoral political purposes. One thing is the party, as its name indicates, it is a party, and another thing is the government.

The budget, he warned, does not belong to the parties, but to the people and the government has to hand it over to everyone, without conditions.

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“It’s not that ‘I’m going to give you this pantry and you have to vote for this party.’ That is over, free vote, secret; free and fair elections, effective democracy, effective suffrage, ”he said.

He added that in this municipality five households receive support for girls and boys with different abilities, with disabilities, and 32 producers receive resources “from what was previously Procampo”, today production for well-being, while 34 peasants are in the Sowing Life Program to reforest this part of the Mixtec.

At the end of the inauguration ceremony of the rural road, the President expressed his taste for the routes, outside the National Palace.

“The truth is, I am very happy to be here in the communities.

They tell me how is it that I go out on weekends and why do you tour them; The truth is that I feed myself, I strengthen myself by traveling through the towns, this is what allows me to strengthen my convictions to move forward, communication with the people, with the people, ”he said.

He said that the event was ending because he wanted to go “walking the path, to contemplate this beautiful work, they are works of art because they are made by women, by men who make this work with a lot of love and creativity, from the selection of the stones and all the hydraulic work so that the road is not affected by rain, everything these great builders do ”.

The president was accompanied, in addition to Governor Murat, by local authorities, the Secretary of Communications and Transportation, Jorge Arganis Díaz Leal, and the spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic, Jesús Ramírez Cuevas.

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In the afternoon, he will lead an event of the Sembrando Vida program in the “peasant learning community of the San Antonio nursery”, located in San Mateo Etlatongo, Oaxaca.


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