La Jornada – SCJN closes Trump litigation for Miss Universe

The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) definitively closed the litigation that former US President Donald Trump began against national companies for alleged breach of the contract to carry out the Miss Universe contest in Mexico.

The ministers of the First Chamber confirmed the ruling that exonerated the Mexican companies and obliges the foreign firm to cover the costs of the trial.

The case began when a group of businessmen promoted that the contest, in its 2007 edition, be held in the country, for which they signed a contract with Miss Universe, a company of which Trump was then the majority partner.

Months before the pageant, Miss Universe made some last-minute financial demands and threatened to cancel it, so Grupo Promotor MU, the Mexican firm in charge of the pageant, asked Comercializadora Ronac, SA for support to act as a guarantor, to which it agreed, although the agreement papers were never signed.

The contest went smoothly in May of that year, but in 2009 Rodolfo Rosas Moya, owner of Ronac, was notified that several pieces of land he owned had been seized by court order, because Trump’s company demanded that they be They will be delivered as compensation for the alleged breach of the contract. Then the litigation began in Mexican and United States courts.

In February 2014, a New York court dismissed Trump’s claim, noting that the alleged guarantee never materialized and that there were no grounds to litigate the matter in his country.

A year later, the Mexican justice system issued a similar ruling, which led Trump, then aspiring to the White House, to post on his Twitter account: “The legal system in Mexico is corrupt, as is much in Mexico. Pay me the money you owe me and stop sending criminals to our border. “

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Shortly after, he sold his participation in Miss Universe, although the litigation continued in Mexico. The US firm protected itself against the ruling against it, which also obliges it “to pay expenses and costs”, a trial in which it was not given the reason either, for which it promoted the claim 2213/2019, which arrived even the SCJN, which rejected it “as notoriously inadmissible.”

The decision definitively closes the case, thus exempting the Mexican companies from any obligation. This, a month after Trump left the White House and his account @realDonaldTrump was suspended for breaking Twitter rules.

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