La Jornada – Segob denies politicization of vaccination strategy against Covid

Mexico City. The vaccination strategy against Covid-19 is not politicized or lent to any other interest that is not of all the people who live in the national territory, assured the Interior Ministry, Olga Sánchez Cordero.

Speaking in the private meeting held by federal government officials and governors of the federative entities to review the progress of the national vaccination campaign, he said that in no way will the application of the biological agent represent an element that widens the inequality gap in the country , because there is universal access, giving priority to the municipalities with the highest poverty and marginalization rates.

“We are doing it in an ethical and responsible manner, attending to issues of social justice and solidarity, we do not pay attention to the voices that seek polarization and the division of citizenship, we are emphatic in this regard, the vaccination strategy is not politicized and not it lends itself to no other interest than the well-being of the people who live in our country, ”said the Interior Secretary.

In his message, he declared that the “success” and “progress” that has been obtained in the vaccination campaign is not from the federal government and the states, but mainly from the people of Mexico, who once again in the face of adversity have shown their spirit of solidarity.

Secretary Sánchez Cordero urged the governors and head of government of Mexico City to “not lower their guard” and maintain the security measures established by the Ministry of Health and the authorities of the National Health Council in the respective entities .

During the same meeting, the Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer, referred to the fact that currently only one in four people in the world has access to a vaccine against Covid-19, and more than one hundred countries do not have this opportunity .

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It was for this reason, he argued, that the government of Mexico reiterated the call to the international community to avoid the hoarding of vaccines and accelerate the multilateral mechanism of Covax for the delivery of doses both to Mexico and to other nations.

He said that with the restoration in the shipment of Pfizer vaccines, other biologicals are also added that will not allow the country to advance in a more dynamic way in the objective of reducing the pandemic.


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