La Jornada – Venezuela is capable of producing Cuban anti-Covid dose: vice president

Caracas. Venezuela’s Vice President Delcy Rodríguez said Thursday that the country has the capacity to produce Abdala, a candidate for a Cuban vaccine against the coronavirus.

Venezuela, which has 30 million inhabitants, has received about 750 thousand doses, between the Russian Sputnik V and the Chinese Sinopharm, while the academies of medicine, science and health unions demand that the government accelerate the entry of vaccines before a boom in infections and deaths from Covid-19.

“Today we have visited this plant to verify all the conditions, which are in place for the production of the vaccine against Covid-19 Abdala in Venezuela,” Rodríguez told state television.

At the plant, on the campus of the Central University of Venezuela, the largest in the country, the official said that she reviewed together with the Venezuelan Ministry of Health “everything that is the participation of Venezuela in the phase III trials of this vaccine.”

The Cuban regulatory authority gave the green light in March to begin the final process for Abdala, named after a poem by the 19th-century Cuban independence hero José Martí.

The vaccine study will be completed in July and the first results will be published in August, according to state media.


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