La Nación / Saturday with rains, occasional storms and winds of up to 100 km / h

The Directorate of Meteorology forecasts a hot Saturday, mostly cloudy skies, northeast winds and rainfall with occasional thunderstorms. The estimated maximum temperature is 34 degrees for much of the country.

Starting in the afternoon of this Saturday, areas of rain with electrical storms of varying intensity would begin to develop over our country, initially over the Chaco, in addition to the south, center and north of the Eastern Region.

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The conditions under which they would develop would be conducive to the occurrence of punctually important phenomena. Regarding the environment, warm to hot days are expected during the next few days. The moisture content in the lower layers of the atmosphere would generate a high degree of discomfort.

According to the special bulletin issued by Meteorology, rain with storms and the occasional fall of hail are expected from the afternoon of this Saturday. The affected departments are Presidente Hayes, southern Boquerón, southern Alto Paraguay, central-western Concepción, and central-western San Pedro.

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Also Ñeembucú, Misiones, Paraguarí, Central, Caazapá, Cordillera, Guairá, center-west of Caaguazú, center-west of Itapúa, starting in the afternoon and during the night of this Saturday. Accumulated water of between 30 and 60 millimeters and winds of up to 100 km / h are expected.


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