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At an event in Airdrie, John McDonnell pledged that a Labor government would restore trade rights by repealing that law and the ability of workers to take "collective action and acts of solidarity".

This would mean "who can revive the spirit of the Rolls-Royce workers in East Kilbride" who "struck a blow against the brutal Pinochet dictatorship" in Chile in the 1970s, he said.

The hunter hawk planes were used by engines built in South Lanarkshire but they were refused to repair them.

Internationally, "McDonnell said." When we go back to the government, we want to do that, "McDonnell said.

Aidan Kerr

An absolutely packed @johnmcdonnellMP event in Airdrie.

Labor is talking about forgotten communities across Scotland and the rest of the UK #ByTheMany. #ForTheMany,

December 8, 2018

The action, which was recently commemorated in the film Nae Pasaran !, is a "fantastic example of the operation of trade union rights," McDonnell said.

"It was an effective blow against the Pinochet regime and its brutality against its own people," he said, praising the East Kilbride workers for a "courageous and humane act against the horror of the Pinochet years".

"The action taken by the Rolls-Royce workers at East Kilbride is a momentous act of solidarity by Scottish workers in the aftermath of Chilean junta's overthrow of a democratically elected government and the torturing and killing of civilians and those who opposed it," he said ,

"Search collective action and acts of solidarity have been attacked and undermined by restrictive anti-union laws started in the 1980s under Thatcher's Tory government."

In his speech McDonnell went on to commit himself to work in a state of peace.

"Our program of workplace reform wants to restore the balance between employer and worker, and it wants to do so by installing basic trade union rights in law again," he said.

"A Labor government wants to transform the world of work, providing security, decent pay and equal rights for people of one day, including sick pay, holiday pay and protection against unfair dismissal."

McDonnell's speech came out as the party lays out of a policy award in 80 years. "Labor ownership would have to end up in the middle of a deal."