Lady Di will be commemorated in London with a blue plaque


Diana of Wales, An iconic woman in the 90s, but also a reference for many people in today’s society, she will be honored with a blue plaque outside the London flat where she lived before marrying him. Prince carlos. And it is that this year, on July 1, Lady Di would turn 60 years old and for this reason, English Heritage has chosen to place the medallion in that home where the young woman, at that time, began to realize the importance that her relationship would have.

The blue plaques commemorate the places in London where people of historical importance lived or worked and we can’t think of a better person than Lady Di, a woman who despite the passing of the years continues to be a trend. And not only that, but her testimony has been a before and after in many women who have suffered and suffer in silence.

There is no doubt that the historical legacy of Diana of Wales She is still very present in our society and this year more than ever, since for her 60th birthday, that date that so many Britons will celebrate, she will be honored with a blue plaque outside that London flat where she was the victim of media harassment for starting to be a public figure by committing to the Prince carlos.

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