Lady Kitty Spencer, Dolce & Gabbana Ambassador

Shirt and skirt Dolce & Gabbana.

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I was predestined to be tabloid meat, but her famous parents, Charles Spencer – Lady Di’s little brother – and model Victoria Atwood, they turned the script of her life and completely changed her story when she was 5 years old. The top and the aristocrat, fleeing the siege that the paparazzi exerted on the royal family (with a sick fixation on the Dukes of Wales), decided to put a continent in between to avoid the sensational harassment. This is how they ended up in idyllic Cape Town (South Africa), a true paradise where surnames had no more value than identifying ones and where titles of nobility lacked media interest.

In that host country, little Kitty Spencer (London, 1990) grew up feral and raised her particular kingdom. There she had plenty of the lady, the obligatory formalities for having related glancingly with her graceful majesty and even her shoes, as she herself recalls with a certain nostalgia: “It was the best thing my parents did, they allowed me to grow up free in a wonderful place. Every day I went to the river with my friends, we danced barefoot in the meadow, we climbed the trees, we hid in the forest … ».

Nature became an immense dollhouse in which the plane of the game and that of reality were confused; And still today, at 30 years old, it continues to be that therapeutic refuge to which to return to immerse yourself in its world and press the pause button. “I will always thank my mother for staying there”, she reveals before being interrupted by her representative to prevent her from slipping into more intimate confessions … Perhaps, about the divorce of his parents and the return of the father to England shortly after. His family life – his agent makes clear – is off limits. Those who flank her continue to protect Lady Kitty from the press, despite the fact that she is no longer a defenseless girl, but a young woman with very clear things. She herself decided, in 2012, to leave Africa to become independent in London, a city in which she had not set foot since her earliest childhood. «It seemed like an incredible place, everything was new to me. I used to travel to Great Britain to see my father on vacation, but he lived in the country, so he didn’t know the capital; when I landed there it was a super stimulating adventure. I think I have been very lucky so far, because I have enjoyed each chapter of my life at the right time ».

I have been very lucky to work for the first time in fashion with Domenico and Stefano because they have not asked me to change to fit a mold. They have always made me feel good in my skin, their clothes are the expression of happiness

lady kitty spencer para elle

Dress, choker and sandals, all from Dolce & Gabbana.

Mario Gomez

Successor – with the permission of the Duchess of Cambridge – to the style throne left vacant by her aunt, Princess Diana, she has inherited the taste for a sophisticated personal style, which was immortalized at his cousin Harry’s bond with Meghan Markle, in 2018. I didn’t know then, but that emerald dress signed by Dolce & Gabbana was going to change the course of her life. The wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would be their particular debut for the world. “It’s one of the most beautiful outfits I’ve ever worn,” he recalls, “with those matching shoes and orange clutch, although I never thought it would cause such a sensation. Actually, I had no idea what to wear, it was Domenico who proposed that dress to me, and I instantly fell in love with him. It was beautiful, with those big hand-painted flowers, a real work of art ». As in a fairy tale with a happy ending, the next morning her Instagram profile confirmed that the enchantment was not going to be undone: it had gone from 17,000 followers to half a million.

lady kitty spencer para elle

Coat, T-shirt, ‘jeans’, belt and shoes, all from Dolce & Gabbana.

Mario Gomez

That day was her coronation as a model, although she had barely walked a couple of times with the Italian firm of which she is today brand new ambassador. It took no more to prove his worth in the eyes of everyone. “I have had some incredible sponsors,” he says, referring to the designers of Dolce & Gabbana-. When I wear their clothes, which are an expression of happiness, I feel sure of myself, because they design without looking at sizes or races, without discriminating against anyone. I’ve never been asked to change anything about myself to fit a mold. On the contrary, they make me feel good in my own skin, they bring out the best in me, we really connect. We talk a lot, we share the same philosophy of life, we respect each other and we believe in the same values. For us, for example, the family has a great weight », stands out with frank admiration and with almost no time to vindicate their close relationship, which goes beyond the purely professional. “I just came to eat with them, we try to spend as much time as we can together”, apostille to show that bond forged through the exchange of letters that they maintain, because writing letters is one of their favorite hobbies. “I don’t like wasting time with the computer or watching television”, is justified in the era of WhatsApp. Just arrived from Milan, Lady Kitty confesses feeling a powerful attraction towards everything that has to do with the Italian lifestyle, which she became hooked on when I was studying Art History in Florence. «I am in love with Italy. I adore his joy, his closeness, the exaltation of life, the beauty that is everywhere. I always knew that I would return », assures with that empathy so polite that it gives off.

And it is that he also proudly assumes the customs that he has received by line of succession and does not renounce his most aristocratic part. “I like English traditions, I respect them, but at the same time, I am an easy going person”says this independent woman who owns her own life. So much so that he has not even asked his mother for advice, who knows and has experienced firsthand the dangers that a dazzling and stressful job can hide, with marathon days, untimely hours, parties, shootings … «We chat every day, but he doesn’t lecture me, he respects my decisions and supports me. In fact, she’s delighted with everything I’ve achieved. “, says Lady Kitty, that the first time she posed for the cover of a publication, she did it in the arms of her mother when she was only 1 year old, although she admits that she never thought about dedicating herself to fashion.

“Maybe in a few years I will decide to launch my own designs or maybe I will dedicate myself to politics, politics, literature or psychology. Who knows! I am one of those people who prefer not to make plans »

lady kitty spencer para elle

Jacket XL Dolce & Gabbana.

Mario Gomez

My purpose was not to follow in his footsteps, I am taking what is coming, I do not make plans for the future. Maybe in a few years I will get into design and launch my brand or dedicate myself to politics, literature or psychology, which is what I have been trained in. Who knows! Good things are happening to me very quickly, so I’m going to let myself go », he comments. Only one thing is certain: it will continue to cooperate with Centrepoint, an NGO that helps homeless youth, formerly the patron of her aunt Diana, and whose legacy Prince William continues today. “I am concerned about the situation of homeless people, especially with this pandemic. We have to get involved and, those of us in a better situation, return part of our wealth », exposes with an idealism that moves. Because Lady Kitty is, by her admission, a person with an easy tear: «I am very sentimental and also romantic». It is said that she is engaged to businessman Michael Lewis, but she neither confirms nor denies, although she is very clear about what she is looking for in a man: “He must show unconditional love, without ties”, reveals before self-censoring. About to finish a marathon day, which began at eight in the morning and will end 12 hours later, he can’t wait to take off those precious shoes, his great weakness (he accumulates more than a hundred). “Good salons will get you out of trouble”, explains before telling his plan tonight: write his journal and sink his teeth into a new book (he loves to read), an autobiography by Errol Flynn. Happy dreams, Lady Kitty.

Especially with the pandemic, those of us in a better situation must give back part of our wealth.

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