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Boca Juniors was yesterday framed in the most difficult group, in the previous one, of the Professional Soccer League Cup, since it will have as rivals Lanús, Talleres de Córdoba and Newell’s, as determined by the draw that took place in the AFA property in Ezeiza.
The “xeneize”, last champion of the Super League, will be part of group 4, which on the first date will have him visit the “garnet”, while Talleres will host Newell’s.
River Plate, meanwhile, remained in zone 3, where it will always have a difficult debut against Banfield, also taking into account that it will not be able to play at the Monumental stadium -in spare parts- and that it also participates in the Copa Libertadores. The other party will be Rosario Central-Godoy Cruz.
Group 1 of the Professional League Cup will have Racing, which will debut in Avellaneda against Atlético Tucumán, while Unión will host Arsenal in Santa Fe.
Meanwhile, in zone 2 and with good expectations, Independiente appears, which in any case will have a dangerous debut in Santiago del Estero against Central Córdoba, while Defense and Justice will receive Colón.
Zone 5 left San Lorenzo in the head, which on the first day will visit Argentinos Juniors in La Paternal, while Estudiantes de La Plata will travel to Mar del Plata to meet Aldosivi.
Finally, group 6 will open with a duel of much discussion in recent days, since Vélez and Huracán, in Liniers, will face each other after disputing that “sixth place” in the most important ciborium of the draw. In the same area will be Diego Armando Maradona with his Gymnastics and Fencing La Plata. The former captain of the national team will turn 60 on the weekend that he debuts against Patronato de Paraná as a local.
The format of the competition -which will always be played on weekends and will have action the days after Christmas and New Years- will make the first two of each group go to the Championship phase and the next two to the Competition. Each of these zones will also be subdivided into two groups of six teams each.
Two finalists will come out of the Championship zone that will determine the tournament champion and the 2021 Copa Libertadores qualifier. Meanwhile, the loser of that crossing will play against the winner of the final in the Competition zone for a place in the South American Cup. 2022.

El fixture
Date 1: Racing-Atlético Tucumán and Unión-Arsenal (group 1); Defense and Justice-Colón and Central Córdoba-Independiente (group 2); Rosario Central-Godoy Cruz and River Plate-Banfield (group 3); Lanús-Boca and Talleres-Newell’s (group 4); Aldosivi-Estudiantes and Argentinos-San Lorenzo (group 5) and Vélez-Huracán and Gimnasia-Patronato (group 6).
Date 2: Unión-Racing and Arsenal-Atlético Tucumán (1); Central Córdoba-Defense and Independiente-Colón (2); River-Rosario Central and Banfield-Godoy Cruz (3); Talleres-Lanús and Newell’s-Boca (4); Argentinos-Aldosivi and San Lorenzo-Estudiantes (5) and Gimnasia-Vélez and Patronato-Huracán (6).
Date 3: Racing-Arsenal and Atlético Tucumán-Unión (1); Defense-Independent and Colón-Central Córdoba (2); Rosario Central-Banfield and Godoy Cruz-River (3); Lanús-Newell’s and Boca-Talleres (4); Aldosivi-San Lorenzo and Estudiantes-Argentinos (5) and Vélez-Patronato and Huracán-Gimnasia (6).
Date 4: Atlético Tucumán-Racing and Arsenal-Unión (1); Colon-Defense and Independent-Central Córdoba (2); Godoy Cruz-Rosario Central and Banfield-River (3); Boca-Lanús and Newell’s-Talleres (4); Students-Aldosivi and San Lorenzo-Argentinos (5); Huracán-Vélez and Patronato-Gimnasia (6).
Date 5: Racing-Unión and Atlético Tucumán-Arsenal (1); Defense-Central Córdoba and Colón-Independiente (2); Rosario Central-River and Godoy Cruz-Banfield (3); Lanús-Talleres and Boca-Newell’s (4); Aldosivi-Argentinos and Estudiantes-San Lorenzo (5); Vélez-Gimnasia and Huracán-Patronato (6).
Date 6: Arsenal-Racing and Unión-Atlético Tucumán (1); Independiente-Defensa and Central Córdoba-Colón (2); Banfield-Rosario Central and River-Godoy Cruz (3); Newell’s-Lanús and Talleres-Boca (4); San Lorenzo-Aldosivi and Argentinos-Estudiantes (5) and Patronato-Vélez and Gimnasia-Huracán (6). (Télam)

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