Laporta signs Ferran López, number two of the Mossos, as Barça’s security chief | Catalonia

He has finally said yes. Ferran López, number two of the Mossos d’Esquadra, will be the new head of security for FC Barcelona. Joan Laporta thus continues his list of signings. The departure of the commissioner will force a remodeling of the current dome of the Mossos. In recent years, Commissioner López has served as a high command in the body, which he led during the intervention of autonomy with the application of article 155 of the Constitution.

Before landing at the club, Laporta already announced that the person in charge of replacing the CEO of Barcelona, ​​Óscar Grau – who last week declared in the case Barchagate and was released without charge – will be Ferran Reverter (48 years old), CEO of the German chain of electronic stores MediaMarkt. Laporta was proclaimed president of FC Barcelona on March 17 after the Professional Football League previously validated the guarantee of 124.6 million euros, 15% of the budget (828 million), which was finalized last morning in a Barcelona notarial office with the guarantee of the Banco de Sabadell.

López made the leap to the front line of the media when Trapero designated him as the interlocutor in the meetings for the device of October 1, 2017 with the Ministry of the Interior due to his bad relationship with the envoy from Madrid, Diego Pérez de los Cobos. Then López worked as number two, as head of the Superior Territorial Police Station of the Mossos. Later, with the application of article 155 of the Constitution and the removal of Trapero, he was the person of consensus chosen to lead the body. His efforts focused on rebuilding battered relations with Madrid after the referendum.

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With the Catalan elections, the new Minister of the Interior, Miquel Buch, dismissed López, after keeping his fate in suspense for several weeks, which caused unrest. The newly elected was again a calming figure in the body, the commissioner Miquel Esquius, who continued with Ferran López at his side, as an advisor to the leadership. Together they led the Mossos until they were replaced by Commissioner Eduard Sallent, to the displeasure of the leadership again for the ways in which the new appointment was forged (Sallent was promoted the same day to Commissioner and Head of the Mossos).

Throughout that time, López remained at Trapero’s side before the courts. He was seen in the trial sessions, supporting him in a process that actually affected the joint mandate of a leadership of which he was also part in 2017. After the acquittal of Trapero, the major reinstated all those people who considered damaged by the process: Miquel Esquius, Joan Carles Molinero (also at the top in 2017), and especially Ferran López, whom he appointed as a kind of operational chief.

Publishing in The world of the possibility that Ferran López was signed as Barça’s security chief, he removed the leadership of the Mossos, which was unaware that the commissioner had been tempted by Laporta. López currently plays a key role in the organization chart. After several weeks weighing the offer, he has finally accepted. López has been in the force for 27 years, where he had one of his first assignments in the elite GHG unit. In 2010, when he was promoted to commissioner, he was seen as a kind of dolphin of the then head of the corps, Josep Milan, until unexpectedly the counselor Ramon Espadaler chose Trapero to command the Mossos.

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