The courage, sacrifice and duty of our armed forces were honored at commemorative events throughout North East Lincolnshire.

Without their service to the nation we would not enjoy the freedoms we have today.

A church service and parade in Grimsby Cenotaph had one of the best attendances in recent years, with a large number of military personnel and youth groups supported by an even larger number of residents.

A parade of freshly cleaned cenotaph in Nuns Corner followed a service at Grimsby Minster under the direction of Canon Andrew Dodd.

The Sunday service in Grimsby Cenotaph
The Sunday service in Grimsby Cenotaph

The ministry was packed with representatives from a variety of organizations, including the Grimsby Army cadets, the Ormiston Maritime Academy, Girl Scouts, and individual soldiers and soldiers.

Humberside police chief Lee Freeman represented his forces, and Paul McCourt, head of the Humberside Fire and Rescue service department, served.

A gun-decorated fire engine, including a trawler at sea, was part of the cenotaph commemoration.

Mr. McCourt said, "The trawler is the symbol of our community to honor those who died at sea."

The Sunday service in Grimsby Cenotaph
Voter turnout was one of the highest in years

Captain Matthew Lundie of Grimsby Army Cadets said: "If there were not the victims who brought them, this would not happen today."

Major Andrew Heckles of The Royal Artillery of RAF Waddington was accompanied by his nine-year-old son Thomas.

"It's very important that we remember what they did and it's fantastic to see such a big turnout," Andrew told Grimsby Live.

Major Andrew Heckles with son Thomas.
Memorial service on Sunday in Grimsby Minster
Major Andrew Heckles with son Thomas at the memorial service on Sunday in Grimsby Minster

Brian Gooderham, representative of the Territorial Army of the 7th Royal Anglian Regiment, said: "It's hugely important that we're all here, it's a duty."

The family of the Royal Navy's military, the late George Johnson, was also present to honor his ministry.

Followers took a solemn tribute when the haunting melody of Elgar Nimrod was played on the cenotaph.

Simon Elmer wore the uniform of the Carpathian Lancers, who played a key role on Monte Cassino. He honored the Polish regiment that conquered the mountain monastery and settled in Weelsby Woods after the Second World War.

Christine buoys visited the Italian landmark in May to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Polish Army's contribution to the Allied victory in World War II.

Memorial service at Grimsby Cenotaph.
Family of Matthew Telford, Ron Telford, Father, Cheryl Telford, Mother and Harry Telford, 14, son
The family of Matthew Telford – Ron Telford, father, Cheryl Telford, mother, and Harry Telford, 14, son

On the tenth anniversary of the death of his father, Sergeant Matthew Telford, in Afghanistan in 2009, his son Harry, 14, put down a wreath and wore his father's medals. He was joined by his mother Kerry and grandparents Cheryl and Ron Telford.

Trooper Robert Pearson's family presented a wreath to their 22-year-old son, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2008.

Memorial service at Grimsby Cenotaph
Memorial service at Grimsby Cenotaph

The regimental service Andrew Leeman of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineer was supported by his son Jacob (3).

Andrew said, "It is really important to remember what people have done before me and what they are doing now, what they have done has given us our freedom."

The service at Cenotaph culminated in the national anthem, conducted by singer Rebecca Bennett.

Sunday service in Grimsby Minster. Humberside Police Chief Lee Freeman (left) and Army Champion Alex Baxter
Sunday service in Grimsby Minster. Humberside Police Chief Lee Freeman (left) and Army Champion Alex Baxter

Alex Baxter, Armed Forces Champion for North East Lincolnshire, said he was satisfied with the efficient operation of the parade and service by Gemma Leaning and her team.

"People are involved in turnout because they recognize the significance of the event and continue to support the armed forces because that's the right thing to do," he said.

Services were also held in Cleethorpes and Immingham, as well as in many villages in northeastern Lincolnshire and in northern Lincolnshire towns and villages.

On the occasion of the ceasefire, services will take place in war memorials tomorrow. School children meet at 10:45 am at the Strike Wing Memorial at Cleethorpes Memorial Gate.

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