Farage: the tactical vote will decide the election

Nigel Farage is being pressured to bring the Brexit Party candidates out of marginal seats with the 16 hour deadline for appointments just a few hours away.

Speaking on Radio 4 Today & # 39; hui Farage forced the Conservatives to withdraw from the Labor zones, saying that Boris Johnson's party would rather lose the election than form a leave alliance with his party.

When asked if he was ready to welcome Brexit candidates to more seats, he said: "It all started in September when I sent a poll to No. 10 that said that in their 40 key seats, if I supported their Conservative candidate, a third of Labor voters in these seats would vote ad hoc to the Conservatives to get a real Brexit. "

He added: "There are very clearly seats in which we are the main competitor and other seats in which they are the main competitor of the Labor Party. We could have reached an agreement on that basis, but the Conservative Party's priority is that they do not want Brexit to get seats in Parliament.

"They would rather risk not winning the elections than having a majority of dropouts, an abandonment alliance".

according to The telegraphJohnson proposed to present only "paper candidates" in about 40 Labor-backed seats, promising that these Conservatives would only be doing a "minimal campaign" – as long as the Brexit party would pull out everywhere else.

But Farage insisted that the Conservatives withdraw completely from these labor bastions. "They refused to do it," he told the newspaper.

Farage added that he thought the election would be by tactical vote. "Ultimately, this election will be decided by tactical voting decisions across the country."