last session on campaign background

There will undoubtedly be a funny atmosphere this Friday at the Courcy hotel. The last plenary session of the term of office of the Regional Council will be monitored remotely by almost all of the elected representatives.

Containment and health crisis oblige, out of the 83 regional advisers, only twenty people were authorized to sit physically in the hemicycle. Usually scheduled for 48 hours, the debates and the voting of the slips will be concentrated on a single day.

The regional adviser (RN) Gilles Pennelle does not take offense against the president of the Region Loïg Chesnais Girard. “The less he sees the chosen ones, the better he is. This last session is really sloppy ” considers the elected Bretilian.

In the ranks of the opposition, we are clearly unsatisfied. “For this last session, 3 essential issues for Brittany and the outgoing majority will not be discussed. Nothing on the release of phytosanitary products. The report defended by Thierry Burlot is however ready. Nothing on the next State-Region plan contract. We could have brought everyone together to establish a balance of power with Paris. Nothing about the Regional Languages ​​Convention either. We really have the impression that Loïg Chesnais-Girard, already in the countryside, wants to avoid the subjects that annoy », believes Marc le fur, the leader of the right at the Regional Council.

The Region at the bedside of companies

The regional advisers will still have something to grind during this day of the session. In particular the latest emergency measures intended to reduce the economic difficulties of certain Bretons. “ Until the end, I wish to show that the Region assumes its responsibilities, that it can come in addition to the action of the State ”, explains Loïg Chesnais-Girard, the President of the Region (PS).

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Budget adjustments will be voted on this Friday to support businesses. 6 million euros will be blocked for Brittany Ferries. This amount will not be paid automatically. It will be subject to two conditions: the Eurocompatibility of the aid and a real shortfall in freight for the Breton company. “We do not rule out entering the capital of the company even if this is not the preferred avenue for the instance », specifies the president of the Regional Council.

930 additional training places in the health sector will also be financed. In terms of ecological transitions, the Region is also speeding up the acquisition of NGV coaches for interurban links.

A support plan for youth

But the outgoing majority especially wants to defend its support plan for Breton youth. 2.8 million euros broken down into 32 measures covering food emergencies, psychological assistance and training. With two priorities: support for the most vulnerable and isolated and access to the world of work.

“The Socialists are finally waking up. Youth has never been seen as a priority during the past six years. This has never translated into the budget », considers Bernard Marboeuf, regional advisor (UDI) and president of the finance committee in the Region.

“Around a hundred student contracts, around ten high schools concerned by this youth plan. This is only an electoral and clientelist sprinkling, ”adds the RN leader in the Region, Gilles Pennelle.

For its part, the “Right, Center and Regionalists” group will make amendments, in particular the temporary free transport for those under 30 and the provision of boarding schools this summer for trainees and work-study students.

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Final vote of a split majority

It remains to be seen the positioning of the elected LREM who still sit for a few hours within the regional majority. Even if they chose to support the list of Thierry Burlot “We Brittany », they will vote on all the slips proposed by the regional executive.

“In politics too, in a divorce process, we continue to pay the common charges” specifies Hind Saoud, LREM regional advisor and president of the Breman group.

Loyalty constrained because for a few days, the old allies no longer give each other gifts. The passes of arms by media and social networks interposed are multiplying between socialists and marchers.

Most recent, that between the vice-president in charge of Culture, and the former vice-president delegate to the Sea.

In a column published this week on his facebook page, Jean-Michel Le Boulanger clearly announced his choice to vote on the left while criticizing the candidacy of Thierry Burlot and the “at the same time » of the presidential majority. Pierre Karleskind, now MEP, immediately reacted by leaving this commentary: “An excellent author (sic Jean-Michel Le Boulanger) wrote, 2 years ago – the one who guards the border is sorely lacking in imagination, what a pity that in the meantime you have become a customs officer”. Ambiance.

A candidate president?

On the right, we reserve the blows to the one considered as a president of a Region already in the campaign.

Isabelle Le Callennec, the head of the LR list for the regional elections, has just denounced in a press release a campaign, according to her, distorted: “It is clear that there is a distortion of competition between outgoing candidates who travel using the means of the Collectivity for the reason of their professional activity, and the others, who are waiting to know whether their trip is in the public interest and cannot be deferred. In a context that raises fears of record abstention, an assumed response and maximum fairness would not hurt. “

Answer this Wednesday from the main interested party on the occasion of a press conference: “All my trips are for the sole purpose of managing the crisis. I am fully focused on my duties as Regional President. I cannot announce my candidacy since the date of the elections has not yet been confirmed. Parliamentarians will speak next week. I respect this calendar because I am a Republican ”.

This does not prevent Loïg Chesnais-Girard from remaining offensive on the political level and from maintaining markers on experimentation and differentiation.

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If the situation allows it, the president of the Regional Council wishes to make Brittany a laboratory for deconfinement from the beginning of May. According to him, experiments could be carried out for the opening of certain places, for the resumption of certain activities in very targeted territories.

“Be careful not to confuse the messages of precaution and prevention delivered at the national level. Let us first follow the recommendations of scientists ” retorts Hind Saoud, the LREM regional councilor.

The unity of the regional majority has clearly lived.

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