Latest updates such as Priti Patel hit by bullying charges

Priti Patel is not a “bully”, says Minister Tory

Business minister Nadhim Zahawi, who has known Priti Patel for 25 years, denied that she was a bully, saying she was “absolutely professional” and “brilliant, collegiate team player”.

Zahawi told LBC he hadn’t seen the details of the bullying charges at the home office, but when asked if he was a bully, he said, “No, I don’t think it is at all.”

Zahawi previously suspected that his Kurdish parents would also have been qualified to come to the UK under the new planned immigration point system.

He told Sky News: “Well, my family entered the immigration system, we weren’t refugees at the time in 1978/79. The scheme now I think is a lot fairer because it actually treats the whole world, not just the Europe, the whole world equally … “

Asked again if his parents would qualify under the new scheme, he added: “So I suspect yes, because my father came here basically he built a business here … chemical engineering at UCL built YouGov’s business. research that I think has just passed a billion dollars in market capitalization, of which I am very proud. “

He also denied that the prime minister had “disappeared into action” during the flood crisis, arguing that Johnson is focused on getting help to affected communities instead of visiting them.


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