Latin American brands that you should not lose sight of in 2021

Latin American fashion is having a great time. Many brands born and developed in Latin America are setting trends and are chosen by the main celebrities and artists of the moment. Here we list some! Sight.

Gabriela Hearst

This brand is barely 5 years old and was founded by a Uruguayan designer. It has been worn by Jill Biden, the First Lady of the United States and other personalities such as Meghan Markle, Hillary Swank, Lady Gaga and Kate Middleton.

We study

This brand is originally from Argentina, from designer Romina Cardillo. It has also been in the market for 5 years, but it has emerged as one of the main trends since it is sustainable, vegan and innovative in terms of responsible consumption.

Isla and White

This brand is from the Dominican Republic and was founded by Claudia González, from Ecuador and Florencia Bordino, from Uruguay. It is inspired by the Caribbean, in the warm sunsets and is sophisticated and elegant. It is, for example, one of Lía Pellerano’s favorite brands.


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