Latino community suffered four deaths from Covid in the last week

North Carolina, Raleigh- A figure if you want low was the one registered in the category of deceased belonging to the Latino community of the state by Covid in the last seven days: four deaths.

The number is conservative when compared to the data from a week ago, when there were 18 Hispanics who died from the virus.

With the four deaths, Latinos have a cumulative 849, which represents 8% of the total registered according to ethnicity.


In terms of infections, in the last week there was an increase of 1,218 among Hispanics, 172 less than a week earlier, bringing a total of 124,198 confirmed cases.

In this way, Latinos maintain 21% of Covid-19 cases in North Carolina, according to ethnicity and according to data published by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS).

State approaches 925,000 cases

With an increase of 870 infections this Tuesday and 1,054 on Monday, the state accumulates 923,430 cases of the new coronavirus throughout the pandemic.

This April 6, 16 deaths from the virus were reported, with which there is a cumulative figure of 12,189.

Approximately 11,534,490 tests have been performed to determine the presence of viruses. As of Sunday, 7% of the tests were positive.

It should be remembered that Health officials stated that 5% or less is the rate that is intended to control the spread of the virus.

For this Tuesday, the number of hospitalized was 982, higher than the 946 reported on Monday.

At least 2.1 million people have already been fully vaccinated in the state. That includes more than a quarter of the state’s adult population and a fifth of all North Carolinians, according to authorities.

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Hardest hit counties


Covid-19 positive cases

Number of deceased
















Source: NCDHHS

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