Jeremy Clarkson is not often good at Peugeots. He liked Peugeot very much in 2008, but even if he had highlighted the good points, he could not help but conclude that he was "embarrassed to be in a Peugeot that has become a tribute to infinite people. "

What would he do with the new Peugeot Rifter-derived passenger transporter? If any car attracted his anger, would it be so?

Well, in the Sunday Times, Clarkson admits today that he was ready to write a devastating review. Especially after the car was delivered to the Grand Tour offices and his colleagues all laughed at the prospect of driving around for a full week.

And JC does not hold back criticism. It's "stupid," he says, and has a stupid name that sounds like "one of the services an escort offers at a Frankfurt airport hotel." "Yes. I'm doing the right thing. "

Out in the street, things did not get better when an old lady had to be overtaken. The resulting vibrations were "hosed down by cannon fire .50 caliber," he says.

Mind you, Clarkson says, Peugeots are for people who want to ban overtaking rather than try it themselves, adding that the Rifter is destined to spend its life in the "loser lane" of the freeway [no, we’re not sure which one this is, either],

But despite Clarkson's criticism, he seems to have warmed to Peugeot's bluffy MPV. In fact, he loved it in many ways. The ride quality is particularly good, he says and calls it "almost certainly the most comfortable car you can buy" for use in the city, while the interior and the glass roof are also impressive.

One factor for the "mighty" interior, "the light steering and sixpence turning circle," and Clarkson concludes that the Rifter is "honest and inexpensive and, if you only want a car, damn good."

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