Laura Muir aims to break more records

Laura Muir is even more determined to establish a new better world this weekend after seeing Jemma Reekie and other training partners breaking records.

Muir aims for the 1,000m indoor world record in Saturday’s Muller Indoor Grand Prix at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow.

The double European champion was staged on the same track by Reekie two weeks ago when her 21-year-old Scotsman broke his personal best four seconds to take the British indoor record of 800 meters.

Reekie continued to beat Muir’s British indoor records in both the 1500m and miles at the Millrose Games in New York the following weekend.

Other athletes in Andy Young’s stables, the Canadian Gabriela DeBues-Stafford and the Scottish junior runner Eloise Walker, also broke the national records and Muir wants to go into action.

“I’m already three years old, so I need to try and get one back,” Muir said while meeting reporters alongside Reekie at the Emirates Arena.

“I feel a bit left out. Gabriela also recorded two national records in Millrose and one girl, Eloise, set a 3k junior record midweek.

“So I need to try getting one on the cards.”

Laura Muir knows the Emirates Arena well
Laura Muir knows the Emirates Arena well (Jane Barlow / PA)

Muir aims to beat the two minute mark, 30.94 seconds held by Maria Mutola.

“I’m pretty confident,” said the 26-year-old. “If I don’t get on well, I will have problems, but if I have it in place, we will be very close. It will be exciting.

“It would be really special. I have British and European records – a little less British records now – but I’ve never had a world record before.

“It would be very, very special to do it here with many friends and relatives coming.”

Muir and Reekie shared rooms and tracks and each claimed to be “24-7” among them during the training camps.

And they both feel they can benefit from their relationship after Reekie became a night star earlier this month.

“To be honest, I think we got closer,” said Muir. “The faster you have, the closer we get.

“Having someone like Jemma close is so good for both of us. It’s like a little sister to me. We travel the world together, we compete much more now.

“We will do the same races and the same competitions, so in some places we will collide.

“I’m sorry to disappoint you, it’s not a great rivalry, we both work very well together. It’s fantastic because we can go so far in training.

“I have always trained with boys and having a girl next to you gives you that extra element. It is really exciting for both of us to find ourselves in such a beautiful place in an Olympic year because we are just pushing each other to become faster and faster. “

Muir’s advice on how to meet expectations and focus on training came in handy after Reekie even surprised herself with her 800m run.

“I get a lot of advice from Laura and I learn a lot, but we handle things in different ways,” said Reekie.

“We too are both very different. I know I can go to her with everything I need to talk about. “

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