ABINGDON, VA. (WJHL) – A lawyer representing Bristol Compressors employees says the company requires its employees to waive legal claims to receive a bonus the company has already promised them.

According to Mary Lynn Tate, the lawyer pending a potential class action lawsuit against Bristol Compressors, the company recently sent a memo to employees saying they would not receive a "stay bonus" unless they did signed an agreement in which they do not give legal claims against the company.

That would prevent employees taking part in the pending lawsuit from getting the bonus, she says.

The law firm has sent a copy of the alleged new bonus agreement to News Channel 11. She informs the staff that they have to sign and return them by Saturday, November 10th.

Stay Bonus Letter Agreement_20181109161658

Tate says the company has already promised this bonus to the employees who stayed with the company after the company closed.

The lawyer and his employees file a class action lawsuit against Bristol Compressors for allegedly eliminating severance pay and for failing to announce the closure of the plant. The lawsuit is still in its infancy.

Tate believes that the company violates the law because it has already promised to pay the bonuses.

She says they will add the bonus claims to the lawsuit.

Bristol Compressors announced that it closed in July, which would affect 470 employees.

News Channel 11 reached Bristol Compressors and was recalled on Monday.

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