Lawyers discuss sharing powers in Britney Spears’ financial control

LOS ANGELES UNITED STATES.– The lawyers of Britney Spears and her father discussed on Thursday how he should share powers with a newly appointed finance company as his partner in the conservatorship that controls his daughter’s money.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, Brenda Penny, rejected an objection from Jamie Spears’ attorney, Vivian Lee Thoreen, who argued that her client should not cede previously granted rights and powers while working with her new co-guardian, The Bessemer Trust.

Thoreen had argued that the order that Britney Spears’ court-appointed attorney Samuel Ingham III drew up to appoint a new co-guardian was “confusing and ambiguous” and sought to deprive Jamie Spears of authority. Other of his objections to the order were approved.

In a statement sent to The Associated Press after the hearing, Thoreen said that “the rulings show the confidence of the court that our client Jamie Spears and Bessemer Trust they will manage together the curatorship of the estate of Miss Spears“And said Jamie Spears” is looking forward to working with Bessemer … for the benefit of his daughter. “

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While the judge’s decision can be seen as a small victory for Britney Spears and Ingham, who was appointed by the court to speak directly for her in her conservatorship decisions, Ingham repeated that her goal is to remove her father entirely from the court. equation.

“It is no secret that my client does not want his father as a co-administrator,” Ingham said. “But we recognize that his retirement is a separate matter.”

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Shared tutoring

The judge rejected Ingham’s request to suspend Jamie Spears as a conservative at a dramatic and controversial hearing in November, in which Ingham said Britney Spears feared her father and refused to resume her career as long as he had power over her.

Thoreen said the statements were inadmissible rumors that did not reflect the reality of the situation.

Therefore, Penny instead appointed the Bessemer Trust as co-guardian, leading to the current struggle over the sharing of power.

Thursday’s hearing was more technical and less emotional than November’s. It was made after the premiere of the documentary of FX y Hulu “The New York Times Presents: Framing Britney”Which features a few new revelations.

But his historical look at the circumstances that led to the creation of the conservatorship in 2008 sparked compassion for Britney Spears and increased attention to the case and, the so-called movement #FreeBritney (Free Britney), created by fans who want to see her free and in control of her life.

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Celebrities in favor of Spears

These followers have also been joined by celebrities. Celebrities including Bette Midler tweeted the hashtag #FreeBritney after the documentary aired. Miley Cyrus screamed “We love you Britney!” during his performance prior to Super Bowl on Sunday.

Pitbull, at a press conference Thursday in Hollywood, said that “as far as what happens with Britney, that is something that takes many, many, many years. Hopefully they can break this cycle. And hopefully they give him the opportunity to control his own destiny. “

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#FreeBritney protesters, some of whom were interviewed for the documentary, chanted slogans and held placards outside court in Los Angeles Thursday.

Thoreen defends the work of the conservatorship

“From the beginning, the court has closely followed Britney’s situation,” he said in his letter to the AP, “including in annual reports and in-depth reviews by a highly experienced and dedicated court investigator.”

At Thursday’s hearing, he emphasized that Britney Spears applied for and approved the role of her father as recently as 2019.

“Miss Spears reflected in court documents that she wanted her father to be the sole guardian of her estate,” Thoreen said.

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Jamie Spears has repeatedly emphasized the need for conservatorship to protect her daughter from those who may or have already tried to take advantage of her daughter.

“My client Jamie Spears has performed his duties as one of Britney’s guardians with diligence and professionalism,” Thoreen said in his statement, “and his love for his daughter and his dedication to protecting her are clearly evident in court.”

Britney’s absence from court

The singer, who is 39 years old today and the mother of two children, has not acted, recorded music or appeared before the press since declaring a hiatus in her career in early 2019.

In your accounts Twitter e Instagram posted on Tuesday a video of a performance from three years ago with the caption: “I will always love being on stage … But I’m taking the time to learn and be a normal person … I love to enjoy the basic things of daily life !!! “


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