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From some very interesting leaks, we could know the Xiaomi Mi 11, which seems to be very different from what was thought.

Xiaomi: leaked image reveals the appearance of the Mi 11

We already had time listening to rumors of the new Xiaomi team, the Mi 11. And since it began to speculate what this Mi 11 could have, people haven’t stopped fantasizing about how this could get to us.

Maybe not everyone is happy

A leak has been made present through a photograph published by Digital Chat Station in which we can see a camera in the front of this that could disturb some people.

The point is that for a long time it was thought and believed that the front camera of this equipment would be under the screen, but if the photographs turn out to be true, then we have before us a leak that counteracts all the previous.

Xiaomi Mi 11 leaksXiaomi Mi 11 leaks

As we can see, these teams would be the Mi 11 and the Mi 11 Pro, the latter being the one with a curved screen.

Still, speaking of leaks and speculation, the truth is that no one in the world has the last word but the company itself until the equipment in question is launched on the market.

So judge a team by what is leaked or what is speculated it is unfair to all the people behind the development of this cellular equipment and the company itself.

Something that should be noted is that Digital Chat Station has previously managed to filter information that has been seen in the market in a real way. So that chances are good that what is shown here is completely real.

Always keep in mind that it is better to wait for information officially from the company itself, since otherwise we are only facing things that could well be false or previous versions of what we will see at the end.

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