Leaked: this would be Apple’s virtual reality glasses

Computers, cell phones, tablets and headphones could be “technology of the past” for Apple when it launches its virtual reality glasses. After the filtration of some of its supposed technical characteristics from The Information they put together a sketch of what the device would look like based on the description of the renders.

“I’ve already seen internal renderings of Apple’s mixed reality viewer. It’s a sleek, curved visor with interchangeable headbands and more than a dozen cameras. This is how they would look based on the renders, ”explained Alex Heath.

In a second tweet he added some details of the device that “they hope to start selling next year”Priced at $ 3,000, they are working on a finger attachment to control it and it would have an advanced sensor to record eye movement.

The sketch posted by Alex Heath for The Information It is very rustic, although it is based on what he was able to rebuild. But a designer named Antonio DeRosa decided to turn that initial drawing into a more brand-worthy 3D concept created by Steve Jobs.

This is what the Apple View would look like, according to Antonio DeRosa (Photo: aderosa.myportfolio.com)

To create his most polished images, DeRosa relied on a few Apple objects. For example, the bands that hold the glasses to the head are inspired by the Apple Watch. And the fabric mesh that sits between the face and the device is similar to the company’s newest earbuds, the AirPods Max.

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MicroOLED 8K

The other rumor, aside from the $ 3,000 price tag, is that the Apple VR (or whatever the device is called), it would have two integrated displays with 8K resolution.

A few days ago it was learned that Apple and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) teamed up to the development and manufacture of microOLED panels that the American company will use in its future augmented reality devices.

Another image of Apple’s virtual reality glasses, according to Antonio DeRosa (Photo: aderosa.myportfolio.com)

TSMC, Apple’s traditional supplier, was responsible for the manufacture of the new type of microOLED panel, since they are manufactured directly on the wafers with which semiconductors such as processors are made.

Currently, one-inch-size (2.54-centimeter) panels are being produced, but it is a process still in the testing stage, which will not reach mass production for several years, as reported from Nikkei.

In this way, smaller and thinner panels can be obtained, which consume less energy, and are more suitable for devices such as augmented reality glasses or headsets.

The rear view of the Apple View concept, according to Antonio DeRosa (Photo: aderosa.myportfolio.com)

Since Nikkei reported that the production of the panels is taking place at a secret facility in Taiwan. They also take advantage of some of TSMC’s equipment and manufacturing processes for processors and chips.

Also in Taiwan, Apple is carrying out a second development process, in this case of microLED technology.


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