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An important aspect that can explain the boom gamer in the world, it is the interest that you play as Overwatch they give certain events. Above all, those where an entire culture feels identified. This is the case of evento de Overwatch.

Although it started a few days ago, we are still a bit curious to know what his inspiration was. Fortunately, Blizzard revealed this secret to us and HDGamers will tell you.

What is the Overwatch event?

It should be noted that we are living what is known as the Lunar New Year or, commonly known as the Chinese New Year. It is an event that restarts the calendar based on the cycles of the moon and not on the months. Yes, it is a bit complex to understand because this is the year of the Buffalo or Ox but, in a way, it is something quite interesting to know and entertaining to designate each of them as animals.

What really concerns us this time is not knowing when the next full moon will be, unless you are a werewolf. This goes further when talking about the new evento de Overwatch.

In this sense, we can tell you that the evento de Overwatch it is about honoring this interesting custom by what is designated, curiously, Overwatch Year of the Ox. Yes, they lacked a bit of creativity in the name but it is still quite striking.

In something that if we cannot recriminate them a lot in terms of the lack of originality was in the design of their outfits. In short, they have everything to quickly become the favorites of any collection of Overwatch.

What characters received these outfits?

As you can see, for this year there were only 5 characters who were lucky to receive a new legendary design.






So it is not surprising that they are beginning to be one of the most popular among gamers. Overwatch. More for the spectacular of these designs that make us wonder Where were they inspired?

What was the inspiration for the outfits for the Overwatch event?

Although we do not know who was the muse for all of them, thanks to the interview offered by the conceptual artists of Overwatch to the official game portal, we mean David Kang y Tim Guo, we can know at least the origin of two of them.

Ashe’s outfit

In general terms, they refer to such striking outfits as those of Ashe Y Widowmaker They were inspired by tales from Asian culture. In the first of them, we come across a typical story of Korea call Dagun.

Her story it is centered on the life of a tiger and a bear who seek to become humans and the gods listen to them. To fulfill their wishes, they explain that they must eat garlic and mugwort. Then they will have to spend 100 days in the sun. The story concludes that the bear could accomplish your task but the tiger could not.. So the outfit of Ashe It reflects a bear look and features an andromorphic tiger as a companion.

evento de Overwatch
Ashe’s outfit

Widowmaker outfit

One of the characters with a design that flaunts beauty and lethality. The outfit of Widowmaker It is inspired by Chinese history The Legend of the White Serpent. This is about the spirit of a snake that takes the form of a beautiful woman named Bai Suzhen.

A beautiful woman with fatal abilities for her enemies and an insatiable thirst for revenge. Without a doubt, a character that can easily be identified with Widowmaker.

evento de Overwatch
Widowmaker outfit

How long will they be available?

Unfortunately, these outfits will be available for the duration of the evento de Overwatch. That is to say, from February 4 to 25. So you don’t have much time left to claim them.

Also, you will not be able to count on them later since the next evento de Overwatch related to him Lunar year It obviously won’t be until 2022. So hurry up and grab these awesome outfits that Overwatch has for you. With which you can learn a little more about a culture as rich in history and traditions.

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